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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, December 10th, 2007 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 702-894-2444 and enter pass code 1244667#
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  • Chair: Charlie McCay
  • CTO: John Quinn
  • Domain Experts: Jim Case (primary), Austin Kreisler (alternate)
  • Foundation & Technology: Ioana Singureanu (primary), Woody Beeler (alternate)
  • Structure & Semantic Design: Calvin Beebe (primary), Gregg Seppala (alternate)
  • Technical & Support Services: Ken McCaslin (primary), Helen Stevens Love (alternate)
  • Affiliate: Frank Oemig, Charlie McCay
  • ARB Chair: Charlie Mead
  • HQ: Karen Van Hentenryck


  • Charles Jaffe (CE); Chuck Meyer (HL7 Chair); Ed Hammond (HL7 Chair Elect)



  1. (10 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call Ed Hammond, Ken McCaslin, Woody Beeler, Jim Case, Karen Van Hentenryck, Austin Kreisler, Calvin Beebe, John Quinn (chairing the call), Frank Oemig, Gregg Seppala, Charlie Mead, Ioana Singureanu, and Charlie McCay (joined late) were on the call.
    2. Accept Agenda MOTION by McCaslin: To accept the agenda; seconded by Case. Motion passed unanimously.
    3. Approve Minutes Concall-20071203 Motion by McCaslin: To accept the minutes, seconded by Charlie Mead. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. (10 min) Standing Committee Reports
    1. CEO Report - Dr. Jaffe was not on the call.
    2. CTO Report - Quinn reported that he has participated on a number of conference calls related to tooling and the scope for the tooling project. In Jan, the tooling group will present the scope and user requirements associated with tools. In the meantime, issues related to the tools continue to arise. We need a comprehensive plan and we are waiting to see how much OHT and IBM are going to contribute to this project. There is some concern from Quinn and Jaffe’s perspective regarding the contributions from the other participants in the OHT. We need support for backwards compatiblity and re-versioning.
    3. ARB report - Charlie Mead reported that there has been progress on getting the ARB members in place. Most of the steering divisions have submitted candidates and C. Mead has received confirmation from some of the candidates regarding their willingness to server. C. Mead also has requests out to Renee Spronk and Ron Parker and Mead Walker has also agreed to serve. The goal is to have a group ready for the Jan WGM. K McCaslin reported that Abdul-Malik Shakir will represent the Technical and Support Services steering division. The Domain Experts steering division has also submitted a candidate. The goal for next week is to have a list of proposed candidates for the TSC to approve.
    4. Affiliates Report - Nothing to report.
    5. Domain Experts - Case reported that the Domain Experts steering division did not meet last week and there wasn’t much activitiy except work with RCRIM on new scope statements for ISO/CEN work that they are taking on.
    6. Foundation & Technology - Nothing to report.
    7. Structure & Semanic Design- Beebe reported that their steering division had some discussion regarding EHR profile and Templates tooling was discussed. They are also working on pulling together some additional requirements on Project Management.
    8. Technical & Support Services- McCaslin reported that still working on the mission/charter for the Project Services group. McCaslin will bring the updated document back to the TSC for review. Freida Hall has agreed to chair the committee for a one-year term, and McCaslin is seeking a second candidate to run for a two-year term.
  3. (10 mins) TSC created committees - how should co-chairs be selected - McCaslin made a motion via the listserv on how to appoint co-chairs. When a committee like Project Services is kicked off, the TSC would appoint co-chairs and then allow committee to decide whether they want to elect co-chairs or have the TSC appoint them. Co-chairs' terms would be two years. Question: Would this appointed co-chair be interim or are they serving a full two-year term? We need minimum of two people to serve as co-chairs. If we can’t find anyone to co-chair the committee, how important can it be. MOTION By McCaslin; seconded by Case. The motion passed unanimously. McCaslin noted that there are some committees, ESC being an example, where committees are electing co-chairs that should be ratified at the TSC level. MOTION by Case – for those TSC-appointed committees electing co-chairs, the TSC will ratify the elections; seconded by Beebe. This would be specific to the committees that were originally Board appointed committees. Motion passed with one abstention.Quinn noted that some committees have co-chair elections that are highly contested and thus the elections need to be proctored. ACTION ITEM: Van Hentenryck will distribute the schedule of Jan co-chair elections and ask TSC members to sign up to proctor them. # (10 mins) Schema quality issue - Beeler reported that there are two major classes of errors: technical and binding. There are three classes or technical errors: (1) inaccurate or incomplete vocabulary schemas. MnM and Vocab came to an agreement but have not had time to implement them. There are some fix value constraints should not be fixed. (2) incorrect reflecting submission content – these are easy to correct when identified (3)technical errors when the transforms are incorrect. We can correct these and put them in place when they are identified. The more difficult errors are binding failures: incorrect domain content (wrong wrapper, missing message, etc.). We are continuing to work to develop a pre-error ballot report that allows committees to correct the errors it finds. There is no recommendation at this time, but Beeler would like to have a recommendation by the January meeting. The preview site was up much earlier this cycle, including schemas and CMETS. Committees are also doing a much better job of reviewing their content. Schemas will need to be available earlier for review. Seppala noted a tool that was run against submitted content a few ballot cycles ago which identified errors for the committees, and wondered if we could run the tool for each ballot cycle. This is Beeler’s goal going forward. In terms of what the TSC can do to help this process, MnM night simply host a hot topics session on this.
  4. (10 mins) Product and Services Strategy input - McCay reported that the TSC mission and charter indicates that it should be managing the WGM to deliver against the products and services strategy and the WG needs to provide input into the plan. Part of the plan needs to be identifying our products and the new or revised standards being working on. There are some things that the HQ can produce (i.e., the list of ANSI approved standards; what should the TSC be providing to assist in the develoopment of the products and services strategy? We know what products we have and we can provide information on what the committees are working on. We might ask WGs to provide what they are working on and why, who their stakeholders are, etc. Case also noted that he’d completed a survey regarding our products/services. ACTION ITEM: Van Hentenryck will provide results of that survey to the TSC.
  5. (10 min) issue review and processing
    1. Status of gForge Implementation - Van Hentenryck reported that she'd submitted a list of requested changes to Wilfred Bonney and Singureanu to more closely align the project with the process that was already approved.

Motion to adjourned by McCaslin at 11:48; seconded by McCaslin.

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