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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

Tuesday May 29, 2007 12:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)


Beeler, Case, McCay, Lorenzi, Quinn

Discussion to TSC (was: TD) Deliberations

The chair discussed the approval last week by the HL7 Board of all four recommendations from the T3F in regards to the "Technical Directorate". As previously communicated, these were approved with modest changes:

  1. The name was changed to Technical Steering Committee from "Technical Directorate", and thus becomes recommendations for restructuring the TSC rather than a new group.
  2. Recommendations that the TSC Chair be named an ex officio voting Board member are being advanced by the Structure and Governance Task Force.
  3. Elections should allow 30-day periods (accomplished by overlapping SD elections and Affiliate nominations)
  4. Announcement to be by several venues and coordinated by HQ

The "Board Decision Summary" from the T3F was revised and circulated. This includes the new election schedule.

The primary document has been updated and is being maintained as Revised HL7 Technical Steering Committee on the Wiki.

During discussion we discussed whether the Affiliate votes for TSC representatives would be one vote per affiliate or cast by the number of votes listed in the by-laws by affiliate size. It was the T3F consensus that the latter process should be followed.

Development of the announcement documents will be by Beeler and Adrea Ribick using Lorenzi and Quinn as support. We agreed that the announcements should go out jointly from John Quinn as Technical Chair and Woody Beeler as T3F Chair.

Next Agenda

We agreed to tackle the issues of communications with the T3F (now) and TSC (future) at as the primary topic on next weeks call.

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

Click for T3F Action Item List