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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

Tuesday May 22, 2007 12:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)


Beeler, Blobel, Jaffe, McCay, Lorenzi, Parker, Shafarman

Minutes approval

Reviewed and approved minutes from May 3, 8, 11 and 15, 2007.

Future Agenda Topics

Reviewed and amended the list of agenda topics for the T3F to reflect what has been completed, and to focus on actions between now and the September WGM.

Technical Directorate Actions

Reviewed notes from the Structure & Governance Task Force from last Friday that indicated agreement with the key points from our prior joint conference call, but that also suggested that TD elections be deferred until September.

Noted that the Board has a special meeting scheduled tomorrow, with a primary agenda focused on TD issues. The T3F Chair has been invited to that meeting. Beeler agreed to revise the two-page decision document (from Cologne) and the overall TD document to incorporate changes that had been adopted in recent T3F Meetings. These revisions will be posted for comment.