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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007 12:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)


Beeler, Case, Hamill, McCay, Lorenzi, Parker

Minutes and Agenda

Minues were not available for review. We added Cologne Schedules to the agenda

Cologne schedules

We agreed to three meetings in Cologne --

  • two face-to-face breakfast meetings (7 to 8 AM on Monday and Thursday mornings), and
  • an "Open Mic" Session immediately following the TSC Meeting on Monday evening. We hope to be able to meet in the same room.

Craig Parker undertook to follow up on meeting space (and has done so as these minutes are written). The TSC space is confirmed. Breakfast spaces remain open.

Review of T3F Cologne Deliverable

Unlike last week, we had meaningful, complete content for most of the sections. As a result, we were able to scan/review most of the material on this call. Individual contributors took their own notes. The notes here are, therefore, incomplete. (The notes are here in document section order, not in the order we discussed them.)


This section needs to be expanded with the notion that the T3F sees this document as a "living" entity that will evolve and be modified as the TD undertakes and becomes accustomed to its tasks. It is, in effect, a "contract" between the TD and the Board. Any "Charter" created for the TD should be drawn from this document and not allowed to re-define it.

We will also add a section here that presents up-front the "time-line" we are seeking the Board to approve. This time-line will require general Board approval of the proposal at their June 4, 2007 Conference Call.

Success Criteria

Charlie noted that the criteria as listed were near-term (tactical). He agreed to expand the section a bit to acknowledge this and to summarize possible long-term criteria , but also observing that, in the end, the definition of success criteria must be a core TD task.

Steering Division Roles

Rephrase some of the listings to acknowledge that the SDs can, and should close some of the issues without referring them to the TD.

Technical & Support Services SD

[Note new name (see email)] Need to include a reference to both the Marketing Committee and the Product and Services Group, with notation that relation of these to TD is to be finalized in Cologne or soon thereafter.

TD Elections and Terms

We agreed that there was not a need to "stage" the Board appointment of the Board Liaison after the representative elections. We also agreed that the elections will be simpler if we do not designate in advance which elections are for one-year terms, and which are for two-year terms. Rather, after the election, we will draw "lots" to see which of the two Affiliate Representatives will serve only a one-year initial term, and which two of the four SD Representatives will do the same.

As I document this discussion, I realize there are two key questions we have not considered:

  1. Should the terms be on a calendar year, and therefore coterminous with the Board? Or should they start in September? (If the former, I recommend that the initial terms be 15 and 27 months to start in September and then switch to a calendar-year cycle.)
  2. We said that half of the SD Representatives have a one-year term. I presume that we would set the "Alternate" terms the same for those SDs. This means only one election every two-years for each SD. Do you agree?

I will propose an e-mail "referendum" on these two questions with a confirmation vote at the next meeting unless the referendum is near-unanimous.

Tactical Plan

See current Wiki posting of this section. It reflects what we agreed to. In summary:

  • in early June start a six-week cycle (3 weeks for nominations/3 weeks for voting) for the SD representatives and alternates
  • follow that with a similar six-week cycle to elect affiliate representatives.
  • ask the Board to name the Board Liaison before the September meeting in Atlanta.

This plan will allow the initial TD and SD meetings to be held in Atlanta. To that end, the T3F will need to work with HQ to schedule Atlanta meetings for:

  1. TD Meeting Sunday evening or Monday afternoon (when will Plenary end?)
  2. TD Plenary/TSC Retreat meeting, with dinner
  3. Meetings of each SD that same evening following the retreat (in place of TSC business meeting)
    (The TD cannot meet this afternoon because of the conflict it would represent for the SD representatives.)
  4. One subsequent TD Meeting - perhaps Friday morning

Project Plan for Architecture

Because the Chair failed to communicate this task adequately to Berndt Blobel, there is no Project Proposal to include in the document. Instead Beeler will use the document forwarded by Berndt to craft a brief section acknowledging the need for such a project and suggesting that a project proposal to that effect will be developed either during or shortly after the Cologne meeting.

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

Click for T3F Action Item List