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T3F - Transitional Technical Task Force

Tuesday Mar 27, 2007 12:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)


Beeler, Buitendijk, Case, McCay, Lorenzi, Parker, Quinn, Walker


  1. Roll Call & Accept agenda & Approve Minutes
  2. Follow up on action items
  3. Role of TCO and TD Chair
  4. Review Diagram of TD relationships (Parker)
  5. Discussion of e-mail topic "SIG is not a Project"
  6. Discussion of Core concepts for TD (McCay)
  7. Planning for Cologne deliverable


Approved minutes of 3/20/2007

Follow up on action items

Jim Case reported on initial discussions with Project Life-Cycle Team. Appears to be consensus that the definition, execution and maintenance of the Project Life-Cycle will become aq TD responsibility once the strategic team completes its task. There is no expectation that the current project team would continue functioning. The notion of a "Project Services Committee" appointed by the TD appears a reasonable solution.

Role of TCO and TD Chair

The T3F continued discussions of the Role of the Technology Coordination Officer (TCO or CTO) in the TD. In aggregate, the T3F believes the TCO should be a partner with the TD, but that the Chari should come from among the volunteer community. Beeler agreed to draft a formal motion for adopting such a position during next week's conference call. The motion will include a secondary motion addressing whether the TCO should be eligible for election as the TD Chair.

There is general consensus in the T3F that the TD Chair should be elected by the TD, rather than in an "at large" election. The belief is that TD is best placed to recognize the qualities and capabilities needed for this role. The group agreed that with this approach there is no need to select a formal Vice-Chair. Such responsibilities could be delegated by the TD chair, as needed. There will be a need to avoid the Chair selection process from getting "hung up" on the terms of the candidates.

Review Diagram of TD relationships (Parker)

Craig Parker provided an update of the diagram that reflects the relationships between the TD. the CEO, CTO and other HL7 Employees, the Board, and the Technical committees. The group asked for minor modifications, which were made, resulting in this final document.

Discussion of e-mail topic "SIG does not equal project"

There was a brief discussion of this e-mail thread. Prospectively, the issues of "SIG vs TCs" or "Projects vs Committees and SIGs" must be a serious TD undertaking. The TD will only succeed if it addresses this with sensitivity and wisdom so as to not disenfranchise the volunteers who seek to contribute. Although this will be on the TD agenda the T3F will not discuss these questions further until the steps to organize an instantiate the TD are underway.

Discussion of Core concepts for TD (McCay)

  1. Planning for Cologne deliverable

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

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