CBCC WG Mission & Charter Update

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This project was approved by voice vote at the Phoenix 2008 WGM

Vote to approve the Community Based Collaborative Care (CBCC) Work Groups updated Mission & Charter. Please enter your name and Work Group along with your vote. Only one vote per Work Group please. Comments or questions about the M&C should be submitted to the DESD list.

Summary: Number of participants: 8 Most popular option: Affirmative Votes in favor: 6 Comments: 3

  • Ed Tripp (RCRIM) - Affirmative
  • Joy Kuhl (Pediatric) - Affirmative
  • Craig Robinson (Lab) - Affirmative
  • Helmut Koenig (II) - Affirmative
  • Rob Root (ASIG) - Affirmative
  • Kristi Eckerson (PHER) - negative
  • Nancy Orvis (GPS) - Affirmative


  • Comment by Kristi Eckerson. (Friday, August 29, 2008 4:15:59 PM EDT) PHER approves existing cntent but requests one addition. We would like to see overt acknowledgment of a formal relationship between PHER and CBCC, recognizing the inter-relationship of our scopes of interest.
  • Comment by Suzanne Gonzales-Webb. (Friday, August 29, 2008 5:29:22 PM EDT) Affirmative but please remove the comment listed in Formal Relationship with Other HL7 groups--first paragraph. Thanks!
  • Comment by Nancy Orvis (GPS. (Tuesday, September 2, 2008 5:44:08 PM EDT) Please delete original vote where I did not list the GP SIG..