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**Election results will be announced on Wednesday evening to all HL7 members per our usual procedure.
**Election results will be announced on Wednesday evening to all HL7 members per our usual procedure.
====Co-Chair Elections May 2018 ====
====Co-Chair Elections September 2018 ====
* July 6, 2018 - Deadline to notify HQ of additions/changes/corrections to co-chair openings
* July 6, 2018 - Deadline to notify HQ of additions/changes/corrections to co-chair openings
* July 11, 2018 - Call for nominations
* July 11, 2018 - Call for nominations

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Minutes - D R A F T

HL7 CSD Agenda

Location: 3 Eifel

Date: 2017-05-08
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm local time
Facilitator Melva Peters Note taker(s) Floyd Eisenberg
Name Affiliation Term Expires Attending
Martin Hurrell Anesthesia Jan 2020
Ellen Torres Anesthesia May 2019 X
John Walsh Anesthesia Sep 2019 X
Durwin Day Attachments Jan 2020
Edward Helton Biomedical Research and Regulation May 2019
Hugh Glover Biomedical Research and Regulation May 2018 X
Myron Finseth Biomedical Research and Regulation May 2020
Boris Brodsky Biomedical Research and Regulation Sep 2019
Guilherme del Fiol CDS Jan 2020
Robert Jenders CDS Sep 2019
Kensaku Kawamoto CDS Sep 2019
Howard Strasberg CDS Sep 2018
Bob Milius Clinical Genomics Sep 2018 X
Amnon Shabo Clinical Genomics May 2018 X
Robert Freimuth Clinical Genomics Jan 2019
Kevin Power Clinical Genomics Jan 2019
Russell Leftwich Clinical Interoperability Council Sep 2018
Mitra Rocca Clinical Interoperability Council Jan 2019
Laura Heermann Langford Clinical Interoperability Council Sep 2019
Ed Hammond Clinical Interoperability Council Sep 2019 X
Amy Nordo Clinical Interoperability Council Jan 2020
Patricia Craig Clinical Quality Information Sep 2019
Floyd Eisenberg Clinical Quality Information May 2018
Yan Heras Clinical Quality Information May 2019
Kanwarpreet Sethi Clinical Quality Information May 2019
Walter Suarez Clinical Quality Information May 2018 X
Hans Buitendijk Clinical Statement Jan 2020
Rik Smithies Clinical Statement Jan 2019 X
Jonathan Coleman Community Based Care and Privacy Sep 2018
James Kretz Community Based Care and Privacy May 2018
David Pyke Community Based Care and Privacy Sep 2018 X
Suzanne Gonzales-Web Community Based Care and Privacy May 2018
Melva Peters Clinical Steering Division Dec 2018 X
Floyd Eisenberg Clincial Steering Division Dec 2019 X
Dominik Brammen Emergency Care Sep 2018
Laura Heermann Langford Emergency Care Jan 2020 X
James McClay Emergency Care Sep 2019
Todd Cooper Health Care Devices Jan 2020
Chris Courville Health Care Devices Jan 2019 X
John Garguilo Health Care Devices Sep 2018 X
John Rhoads Health Care Devices May 2018 X
Russell Leftwich Learning Health Systems Sep 2018 X
John Roberts Learning Health Systems Sep 2019
Stephen Chu Patient Care May 2018
Laura Heermann Langford Patient Care Sep 2019
Emma Jones Patient Care May 2019 X
Jay Lyle Patient Care Jan 2020 X
Michelle Miller Patient Care May 2019 X
Michael Tan Patient Care Sep 2019
Michael Padula Patient Care Sep 2019
Jean Duteau Pharmacy May 2019
John Hatem Pharmacy Sep 2019
Melva Peters Pharmacy Sep 2019 X
Scott Robertson Pharmacy May 2019 X
Erin Holt Public Health Jan 2019
Nell Lapres Public Health Sep 2018
Joginder Madra Public Health Sep 2018
Craig Newman Public Health Sep 2019
Laura Rappleye Public Health Sep 2019
John Roberts Public Health Sep 2019 X
Steve Huffnagel Clinical Interoperability Council / CIMI Guest X

Roll call

  • 13 Work Groups represented out of 14 Work Groups
    • 1 Work Group not represented (Clinical Decision Support)

Introduction of Guests

Review Agenda

  • Melva Peters reviewed the agenda. There was one PSS addition from

Approval of Minutes from New Orleans Meeting

Anesthesia abstained Vote = 12, Abstention = 1, Opposed = 0


Co-Chair Elections - May 2018

  • The following WGs are electing co-chairs this WGM:
    • BR&R
    • CG
    • CQI
    • CBCC
    • HCD
    • PC
  • Election Process
    • Election Runner allows each HL7 member subscribed to the main Work Group listserv by Wednesday, January 24, to vote in the co-chair election, regardless of whether you attend the Working Group Meeting. If you cannot attend the WGM but wish to submit a vote for co-chair, do NOT submit an absentee ballot to Linda Jenkins. Any absentee ballots for the co-chair election submitted to Linda Jenkins will not be counted.
    • To be an eligible voter in the election you must be a member and subscribed to the main listserv via the same email that is in our membership database. Eligible voters will receive an email from Election Runner on Monday morning, January 29, with a link for accessing the co-chair election site. Election Runner assigns a unique key and ID to each eligible voter and accepts only one vote submission per link (so forwarding the link to someone who shouldn’t participate won’t work).
    • The election will be open 9 am Central Time on January 29 through 5 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 31. You may submit your vote anytime during that timeframe.
    • Election results will be announced on Wednesday evening to all HL7 members per our usual procedure.

Co-Chair Elections September 2018

  • July 6, 2018 - Deadline to notify HQ of additions/changes/corrections to co-chair openings
  • July 11, 2018 - Call for nominations
  • August 10, 2018 - Nominations close at 5:00 p.m. ET
  • August 24, 2018 - Co-chair statements due by 5:00 p.m. ET
  • August 29, 2018 - Co-chair statements e-mailed to membership
  • All individuals interested in running must submit a nomination, including current and interim co-chairs.
  • Co-chairs must maintain their membership throughout their term. Section of the GOM states “Should a seated co-chair experience a change in membership status due to either the loss of individual membership or loss of membership by their organization or Affiliate; that individual shall immediately step down from the position of co-chair.” Co-chairs that do not renew their membership will receive notification that they need to renew ASAP. If they do not renew, the co-chairs of the appropriate work group will be notified that the position is up for interim election then regular election at the next WGM.
  • Work Groups:


  • May WGM Room Requests - Due TBD
    • To request meeting room space or respond to a join request, a Co-Chair from each Work Group must go online to the WGM Room Request Application located on the Co-Chair Utilities page at www.HL7.org > Resources > Work Groups > TSC > Utilities > WGM Room Request.
  • WGM Minutes must be posted by June 3, 2018

Project Scope Statement Submission Deadline

  • Must submit PSS to PMO and Steering Division - Sunday, May 27, 2018
    • Work Groups will need to monitor the progress of their scope statements to ensure that they obtain the necessary US Realm Steering Committee, FMG, Steering Division and TSC approvals before the ballot opening date of August 24, 2018.
  • Submit Notice of Intent to Ballot - July 15, 2018
  • Please use the latest version of the Project Scope Statement template: Latest Version of PSS

Updates from the TSC

  • SD Elections
    • Melva's position expires December 31, 2018
    • TSC stood up Nomination Committee
      • if you are interested in learning more about what is involved - see Floyd or Melva
      • if you are interested in putting your name forward - see Floyd
    • deadline for nominations is June 15, 2018
  • Review and approve your DMP
  • Review and approve your M&C because of the change in steering divisions DMP Template on Template Site; addendum template present on the template site as well.

Work Group Health Review

  • Congratulations to the following WGs:
    • Clinical Genomics
    • Clinical Quality Information
    • Community Based Care and Privacy
    • Emergency Care
    • Patient Care
    • Public Health
    • Pharmacy

PBS Metric Review

New Business

  • WG DMP - as noted, each WG must review the new template and agree to work with the new default DMP or submit an addendum with modifications specific to the individual WG.
  • SD DMP

Project Scope Statement Votes

  • CDS PSS - withdrawn from consideration as it is under revision and review by the FHIR Management Group (FMG). After re-review by the CDS WG (sponsor) and FMG approval, CDS will re-submit to CD for review and approval by evote.
  • HL7 RDAM from CIC - to develop a reference DAM that harmonizes the EHR-FM and the CIMI FHIM (Federal Health Information Model).
    • Steve Huffnagel presented the PSS - still needs CIC approval and further discussion before CD can make a decision. Requirements - obtain and sponsor and ask for Public Health as a co-sponsor.
    • Decision deferred.
  • Public Health PSS - Bidirectional Services eReferrals (BSeR) - address exchange of information between clinical care EHRs and social service agencies for referrals - an implementation guide using existing HL7 resources. Similar to an IHE project 360X - will include 1 FHIR and 1 CDA use case.
    • John moved to approve the PSS with a recommendation to coordinate with the 360X profile in IHE and to drop the statement "but may involve more as necessary." Walter seconded.
    • Discussion - Emma and Walter provided a friendly amendment to add the statement "do an environmental scan to evaluate existing referral mechanisms in concert with Patient Care to avoid re-work and confusion in the implementation community."
    • John and Walter (mover and seconder) agree with the amendment.
    • Approve 13, Abstain 0, Opposed 0

CSD Governance

  • Merge of Clinical Statement to O&O
  • DMP - The CD reviewed the existing DMP, specifically changing DESD to CD. Current DMP is located at: http://www.hl7.org/Special/committees/desd/overview.cfm. Melva will update the DMP based on tonight's discussion and circulate for discussion and evote.
  • M&C - Melva reviewed the Mission and Charter changes for the steering division. The group discussed the content of the charter and came to consensus on the content and wording. The group discussed two areas not currently managed by the steering division:
    • identify new clinical opportunities and gaps in current HL7 products and escalate as appropriate
    • provide a forum for external clinical groups / user groups to identify workgroups with which they can coordinate their projects.
  • Melva will update the M&C and share it with the steering committee members for review and decision.

Supporting Documents

  • See links above - hard copies will not be provided


John Roberts moved to adjourn and the motion was approved by acclimation.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM.

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items