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TSC will hold a Conference Call at 11AM Eastern time, each Monday except during scheduled face-to-face Working Group Meetings unless otherwise noted at TSC_Minutes_and_Agendas.

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HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
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'Date: 2016-04-11
Time: 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Ken McCaslin Note taker(s): Anne Wizauer
Quorum = chair + 5 including 2 SD represented yes/no
Chair/CTO ArB International Affiliate Rep Ad-Hoc
x Ken McCaslin x Tony Julian . Jean Duteau x Austin Kreisler
x Wayne Kubick x Lorraine Constable x Giorgio Cangioli x Freida Hall, GOM Expert
. . . . Woody Beeler, TSC Member Emeritus
Domain Experts Foundation and Technology Structure and Semantic Design Technical and Support Services
x Melva Peters . Russ Hamm Regrets Calvin Beebe x Andy Stechishin
x John Roberts x Paul Knapp . Gora Datta x Sandra Stuart
. . . .
ex officio Invited Guests Observers HL7 Staff
. Pat Van Dyke (HL7 Chair) w/vote x Dave Hamill . obs1 x Anne Wizauer
. Chuck Jaffe (CEO) vote x Lynn Laakso . obs2 .

. . . . .



  1. Introduction of visitors (including declaration of interests)
  2. Agenda review and approval -
  3. Approve Minutes of 2016-04-04 TSC Call Agenda


  1. Approval items:
  2. Discussion topics:


  1. Review action items
    • Followup on Project Approval request for the TSC project Revise Process to Withdraw Protocol Specifications
      • ARB to add to agenda
    • Melva to report back on Anesthesia move to Health Care Devices
  2. Approval items from last week's e-vote approved 0/0/0:
  3. Approval Items for This Week:
  4. Discussion topics:
    • ARB report on definition of substantive change/review of associated PSS - Tony
    • Status update on Gforge project - Wayne
    • Reviewing GoToMeeting service - Wayne
  5. Reports: (attach written reports below from Steering Divisions et al.)
  6. Open Issues List


  • Approve Minutes of 2016-04-04 TSC Call Agenda
    • Accepted through general consent
  • Discussion topics:
    • Review of Updated 2016 PSS Template Review and Summary of Edits
      • Dave here to discuss 2016 PSS template. TSC has two weeks to review and approve; Dave is fine doing it via e-vote. TSC members can email questions to Dave, Rick, and/or Freida. Ken suggests doing an e-vote the week of the 18th; any further discussion will come back on the 25th. Dave: the biggest items that you might have questions about some of the sections that are listed as candidates for removal from template. Wayne: would like to see this on the wiki instead of having documents. Dave: Project services conducted a poll in October so we do have some feedback on that. There was a suggestion to move away from word and create a form. Dave invites Wayne to come to a project services call to discuss options.
    • Lynn did testing with ballot comments spreadsheet from FHIR. Appears that it would work as is in terms of macros. Would the WGs accept using the new spreadsheet with the FHIR columns included, or would it be preferable to hide the FHIR columns and expect that the FHIR groups would know to unhide the columns? Freida: Some WGs already use the group feature, so you can collapse columns. If we can get to one spreadsheet it could go out with the FHIR columns hidden. We could section off the ballot reconciliation and group them in advance. John R. asks if the vocabulary is the same. Lynn: needs to examine more closely but doesn't see anything troublesome. Freida: Could Lynn send out the spreadsheet to the TSC list to see it? Lynn agrees to do so.
      • ACTION: Lynn to send out spreadsheet to TSC list


  • Review action items
    • Followup on Project Approval request for the TSC project Revise Process to Withdraw Protocol Specifications
      • ARB to add to agenda - leave for next week
    • Melva to report back on Anesthesia move to Health Care Devices
  • Approval items from last week's e-vote approved 0/0/0:
  • Discussion topics:
    • ARB report on definition of substantive change/review of associated PSS - Tony
      • Cosponsors not complete yet but should have them all next week. Approximately a dozen places where substantive change is referenced. Freida: There is a hierarchical notion because ANSI defines it, then we go to the ER, then branches off from there. We don't want to say anything contradictory to ANSI. Ken: perhaps the final document points directly to ANSI's definition. Austin: It makes sense to also have it contextualized to a particular standard. Each standard has a different mix of artifacts. Ken: If possible it should be a high level enough definition that it applies cross-family. Tony: we'd like the scope statement approved next week. Target is to have preliminary done by May WGM.
    • Status update on Gforge project - Wayne
      • Modified PSS and agreed it would be an EST project cosponsored by FHIR-I.
    • Reviewing GoToMeeting service - Wayne
      • Wayne notes that we dial in via phone and never use the GTM VOIP option. There are some real benefits to using VOIP such as seeing who is talking, muting people, cost, etc. Wayne proposes that we begin transitioning on the TSC meeting to see if we're comfortable doing it.
    • FMG/FGB transition to Zulip - Lorraine
      • Lorraine reports that implementers, FMG, etc. have moved to Zulip because the tooling that captures conversation is more robust. They would also like to move FGB. There is a notification on the FHIR page notifying that the move has taken place. There is also an announcements feed.
    • In GOM changes that are going to be published before WGM, we approved changing DSTU to STU. Do we have a plan for getting all the references changed? TSC needs to review. Freida states we should make people aware that they need to make changes as they update documents at the co-chair dinner. Lynn: the question remains how much we are renaming. Freida: we weren't going to change things that are already published. The changes are for new things coming forward. Ken: September was the drop dead. Wayne: There needs to be a clear announcement on date from the TSC. Lynn and Tamara are planning changes to website pages and need to be kept in the loop. Ken would leave all product pages as DSTU that have already been posted. Group agrees that was the recommendation. Lynn notes then there will be product categories for both. Freida suggests adding a note on the page explaining on the master grid to help people understand.
      • Anne to add to agenda next week and check with Andrea on news options before WGM
    • Anne notes that Dave and Karen are moving into the next stage of the ONC project and will be looking for TSC input in the next two weeks.
  • Adjourned at 11:42 Eastern

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