2015-01-21 TSC WGM Agenda

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TSC WGM Agenda/Minutes

HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

Location: Frio

Date: 2015-01-21
Time: 12:30 pm Central
Facilitator: Ken McCaslin Note taker(s): Anne W.
Attendee Name Affiliation
x Calvin Beebe HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
Woody Beeler HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Giorgio Cangioli HL7 Affiliate Representative
x Lorraine Constable HL7 ARB Vice Chair
x Jean Duteau HL7 Affiliate Representative
x Freida Hall HL7 TSS SD Co-Chair
Stan Huff HL7 Board Chair (member ex officio w/ vote)
Chuck Jaffe HL7 CEO (member ex officio w/o vote)
x Tony Julian HL7 ARB Chair
x Paul Knapp HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Ken McCaslin (Chair)
x Anne Wizauer (scribe, non-voting) HL7 HQ
Don Mon HL7 Board Vice-Chair (member ex officio w/o vote)
x Melva Peters HL7 DESD Co-Chair
x John Quinn HL7 CTO (TSC member ex officio w/vote)
x John Roberts HL7 DESD Co-chair
x Andy Stechishin HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
x Pat Van Dyke HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair

Wednesday Lunch Agenda

  1. WGM Planning - agenda setting next two WGMs - agenda links
  2. For Review: New IHE WG Request at TSC Tracker 5528
  3. Discussion: Ken's attendance at SD meetings - disruptive or helpful?


Guest: Katherine Duteau

  • Item 3 - Ken's attendance at SD meetings - group agreed that Ken's attendance is not disruptive and is welcome. Ken let Lillian know that some SD rooms were overcrowded.
  • We do have some work to do with the help desk and should have updates by March. April report will reflect the update including additional data points.
  • T3SD has approved the new Healthcare Standards Integration WG. Scope is wider than simply IHE. Todd is current WG cochair and will carry it through but will transition someone else (Laura Langford)as things move forward. Sensitivity around making it a productive HL7 WG through coordination with IHE. John, Ken, and Todd spoke with Joyce Sensmeier from HIMSS and she too is motivated to help to make things work. Freida moves to accept; Pat seconds. Jean has reservations regarding how things will work even though it sounds good. Ken asks what would solve the problem; would a co-chair from HL7 in the group help? Melva states we should give them a chance to prove themselves. None opposed, no abstentions.
  • M&C and DMP will be reviewed on next call - Anne to add to agenda. Discussion regarding steering division M&C and DMPs - Ken requests that chairs post the date they reviewed it. Pat reports that EHR's DMP is customized so she will compare to new template.
  • Freida: Dave announced that we have the new PSS available. Freida would like to be able to use either form this cycle and then clamp down in the next cycle because some were already in process. Dave's recommendation was to be lenient. Discussion over deadline for 100% adoption of new form. Motion: put in TSC report that if WGs have a current PSS in process on the old form (2013.1), they will have three weeks to submit it to the WG for approval. After that date (February 17), all PSSs must come in on the new form.
  • Ken assumes all will be in Paris for the Saturday TSC meeting. Group encouraged to fly no later than Thursday to recover before meetings. Lorraine had issues booking conference rate before/after but Lillian was able to help.
  • Lorraine was approached by a balloter about tracing disposition of ballot comments in gforge - Ken asks Lorraine to ask that person to talk to the FHIR team. Andy: there is tracability. Conversation about adding language to GOM about reconciliation being only on spreadsheets. QA process is accelerated. Ken is concerned about the lack of response to concerns. Paul thinks as we move into the new governance model we may see a positive change in this - should provide a checks and balances to the process where a small number of people are responsible for all decisions. Meeting on Thursday to discuss.
  • Paul reports that the FHIR WG Proposal was reviewed in FTSD but no decision was made after lively discussion. He guesses it will take 4-6 wks for it to come out of FTSD to TSC. Work should be delineated with what and who is doing it - FMG should be responsible for doing that and then we can evaluate future roles. Anne to put new WG formation templates into TSC gforge sooner in the process (before it comes to the TSC for review) - look at changing process so it comes to Anne for posting before it goes for decision by WG/steering division.
  • UDI task force met yesterday. Good exercise in UDI process. UDI group will coordinate the effort of getting use cases to determine which WGs need to be involved in making changes. Paul asks for approval to continue with that work - goes beyond original scope of taskforce. Paul to submit.
  • Tony: three year plan should be a five year plan because of timing issues with reaffirmations. 3 year plans were drive off of board strategy. How do we, over three years, resolve our weaknesses and our threats - that is the valuable piece.
  • Another problem to address: things that are not getting done within 10 months (reconciliation)...we need to start talking about how to move those forward.

Meeting adjourned at 1:43 central.