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HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

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Date: 2014-06-16
Time: 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Ken McCaslin Note taker(s): Dave Hamill
Quorum = chair + 5 including 2 SD represented yes/no
Chair/CTO ArB International Affiliate Rep Ad-Hoc
x Ken McCaslin x Tony Julian x Jean Duteau x Austin Kreisler
. John Quinn x Lorraine Constable x Giorgio Cangioli .
Domain Experts Foundation and Technology Structure and Semantic Design Technical and Support Services
x Melva Peters x Woody Beeler x Calvin Beebe x Freida Hall
x John Roberts x Paul Knapp x Pat van Dyke x Andy Stechishin
ex officio Invited Guests Observers HL7 Staff
. Stan Huff (HL7 Chair) w/vote x Johnathan Coleman, CBCC . regrets Lynn Laakso
. Don Mon (Vice Chair) vote . Kathleen Connor, CBCC . x Dave Hamill
. x John Feikema . .
. Chuck Jaffe (CEO) vote x Jamie Parker . .
. x Ioana Singureanu . .
. x Julie Anne Chua . .
. x Amanda Nash . .



  1. Introduction of visitors (including declaration of interests)
  2. Agenda review and approval -
  3. Approve Minutes of 2014-06-09 TSC Call Agenda


  1. Review action items
    • Paul will edit and bring back updates to our naming conventions and DSTU release guidance.
    • Freida will draft PSS for Positioning Security Risk Analysis standard within HL7 and circulate to TSC; V5 updated since last week
    • 2585 Define list of machine-processable artifacts for membership benefit - Ken will follow up with Stan on who is the Marketing committee chair and the Board's intent with the list
    • Woody will craft a motion for the TSC position statement on new projects using R2B
  2. Approval items referred for discussion:
  3. Projects pending input:
  4. Approval items:
  5. Discussion topics:
    • BAM review (Tony)
    • Review of definition of 'implementation guide' and 'conformance'
      • Final Definitions
        • Implementation Guide
          An implementation guide is often created to organize a collection of conformance profiles, functional requirement specifications, or templates for specifying a set of related interactions described in a use case or use cases. Implementation guides typically describe broader conformance requirements such as application behavior. Such requirements may include how a set of interactions (messages, documents, etc.) are to be used to enact certain application functionality among applications (actors).
        • Conformance
          Conformance is defined as the fulfillment of a product, process, or service of specified requirements [ISO-17000, OASIS]. The concept of conformance is essential to any standard for providing an objective measure of how closely implementations satisfy the requirements defined in the standard.
    • Review of action item to define relationship between help desk and WG cochairs
    • WG Health – Impact on SD project approval
    • Determine the next 2-4 profiles for Conformance Testing (candidate topics: LRI, CDA R2, EHR-S FM, EHR-S FPs).
  6. Reports: (attach written reports below from Steering Divisions et al.)
    • TRAC:
      • Would measurements from before and after the changed process to disallow a single check box to enroll in all of the ballots be meaningful for ballot quality assessment?
      • TRAC report/recommendation on governance metric for project scope statements submitted late for deadline
    • Co-chair deadline awareness
  7. Open Issues List


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:


  • Project Approval request of Provenance for Clinical Document Architecture (CDA R2) Documents Implementation Guide for CBCC WG of DESD at Project Insight # 1093 and TSC Tracker #3314
    • The TSC's concern was regarding Harmonization.
    • Johnathan Coleman presented the PSS for review.
    • Struc Docs heard that the DESD discouraged CBCC from adding Structured Docs as a co-sponsor.
    • DESD reps on the TSC call indicated that was not the case
    • Austin and Woody indicated that Structured Docs is interested in being a cosponsor. Structured Docs has already reviewed the PSS and is fine with it.
    • CBCC will discuss on their next call to add Structured Docs as a cosponsor.
    • CBCC has discussed the PSS with the Security WG, and they will continue those discussions in case Security wants to be added as a co-sponsor
    • MOTION by P. Van Dyke: TSC to approve the PSS contingent upon adding Structured Docs as a cosponsor. Unanimously approved.
    • ACTION: J. Coleman will submit an updated PSS after the CBCC call discusses adding Structured Docs as a cosponsor.
  • BAM review (Tony)
    • Tony presented an overview of the BAM Review Use Case Diagram
    • ACTION: Tony will send out a link to the documents
    • Regarding Product Families, a question was posed if they've all been developed.
    • Austin indicated that the approach will be to create one Product Family at a time.
    • Next Steps:
      • The ArB will provide the TSC the full document for review/approval.
      • Also, the TSC can identify where 'holes' are in the process and what the ArB should attack next.
      • Ken's concern is that until Product Lines/Product Families are defined, he's not sure the TSC can provide much direction.
      • Melva asked who is on that task force. Ken mentioned that the task force has been meeting, but meeting sporadically at best due to bandwidth of the leaders.
    • TSC did send out the conformance testing survey

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