2014-05-03 TSC WGM Minutes

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TSC Saturday meeting for 2014May WGM in Phoenix AZ USA

Guests are asked to make alternate arrangements for the noon meal, or respect the opportunity for TSC members to dine first as the food provided is for elected TSC members and invited guests noted on the agenda

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TSC WGM Agenda/Minutes

HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes


Date: 2013-05-03
Time: 9 AM- 5 PM
Facilitator: Ken McCaslin Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
? Calvin Beebe HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
? Woody Beeler HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
? Giorgio Cangioli HL7 Ad-Hoc Member, Affiliate Representative
? Lorraine Constable HL7 ArB Vice Chair
? Jean Duteau HL7 Affiliate Representative
Rick Haddorff invited guest
? Freida Hall HL7 TSS SD Co-Chair
? Stan Huff HL7 Board Chair (member ex officio vote)
? Chuck Jaffe HL7 CEO (member ex officio w/o vote)
? Tony Julian HL7 ARB Chair
? Austin Kreisler Ad-hoc member
? Lynn Laakso (scribe, non-voting) HL7 HQ
? Ken McCaslin HL7 TSC Chair
? Don Mon HL7 Board Vice-Chair (member ex officio w/o vote)
? Melva Peters HL7 DESD Co-Chair
? John Quinn HL7 CTO (TSC member ex officio w/vote)
? John Roberts HL7 DESD Co-chair
? Andy Stechishin HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
? Pat Van Dyke HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair +5 with 2 SD Reps) Met: (yes/No)

Agenda Topics


  • unballoted DSTU update refresher - review DSTU guidance
  • Naming conventions for ballot items - GOM 12.02.02 review GOM Manual

Q1 - Governance - 9 am to 10:30 am

Roadmap and HL7 Strategic Issues:

  1. Roll Call and Introduction of visitors (including declaration of interests)
  2. Additions to, and acceptance of, agenda:
  3. Link to Interim decision review since last WGM
  4. Strategic Initiatives discussion
  5. (May) Review TSC Three-Year Plan
    • Maintenance project: Work Group Visibility

Q2 - Governance continued: 11 am to 12:30 pm

TSC Review and Planning

  1. (45 mins) Review Open Issues List
  2. Next WGM Planning - next two WGMs - agenda links
  3. (Sept) Review and confirm ORC liaison assignment
  4. Ballot Naming Conventions (see homework above) - Do we need to expand the names available (Freida Hall)

Q3 - Governance continued: 1:30 pm to 3 pm

TSC [http://www.hl7.org/Special/committees/tsc/projects.cfm Project Review

  2. TSC Conference call May 12, 19, 26 - (McCaslin/Quinn)
    • McCaslin - out due to surgery May 13 ~ June 13
    • Quinn - Traveling to ISO (Tokyo) May 16 - 23 (Beeler also)
    • US Holiday - Monday May 26
    • What is the best path forward for the three dates in May for the TSC call
  3. SAIF Architecture - archiving - (Austin Kreisler/Rick Haddorff)
    • 751 - SAIF Architecture Program
    • 763 - HL7 SAIF Implementation Guide
    • 764 - SAIF Pilot Coordination

Q4 - Management - 3:30 pm to 5pm

SAIF AP summary (Rick Haddorff) - present the findings as well as formalizing the shutdown of the SAIF AP as well as closing out the following projects:

  • 751 - SAIF Architecture Program
  • 763 - HL7 SAIF Implementation Guide
  • 764 - SAIF Pilot Coordination

Publication Request forms

  • Normative publication - requiring a publication request (e.g. V2.8)
  • Update to the publication request template

Architecture and Tooling:

  1. Tooling


  1. ArB

Tuesday lunch

  1. WGM Planning - agenda setting next two WGMs - agenda links
    • Schedule:
      (January) Review TSC Mission and Charter
      (January) Review TSC Decision Making Practices
      (May) Review TSC Three-Year Plan
      (September) Review TSC SWOT

Supporting Documents

Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • .
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
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