2013-09-22 TSC WGM Minutes

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TSC Sunday meeting for 2013Sep WGM, Cambridge MA USA

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TSC WGM Agenda/Minutes

HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

Location: Cambridge A

Date: 2013-09-22
Time:5:15 - 6:30 PM
Facilitator: Austin Kreisler Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
x Calvin Beebe HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
x Woody Beeler HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Giorgio Cangioli HL7 Ad-Hoc Member, Affiliate Representative-elect
Lorraine Constable HL7 ArB Vice Chair
Bob Dolin HL7 Board Vice Chair (member ex officio w/o vote)
x Jean Duteau HL7 Affiliate Representative
x Freida Hall HL7 TSS SD Co-Chair
Chuck Jaffe HL7 CEO (member ex officio w/o vote)
x Tony Julian HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Austin Kreisler (Chair) HL7 TSC Chair, Ad-hoc member
x Lynn Laakso (scribe, non-voting) HL7 HQ
x Ken McCaslin Ad-Hoc Member
Don Mon HL7 Board Chair (member ex officio w/ vote)
x Ron Parker HL7 ArB Chair
x Melva Peters HL7 DESD Co-Chair
John Quinn HL7 CTO (TSC member ex officio w/vote)
x John Roberts HL7 DESD Co-chair-elect
x Andy Stechishin HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
x Pat Van Dyke HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
x Mead Walker HL7 DESD Co-Chair
x Katherine Duteau observer
x Zoran Milosevic observer
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair +5 with 2 SD Reps) Met: (yes)


  1. Endorse DSTU Guidance on Update vs. Reballoting (see co-chair handbook information)
  2. Reprise on Mid-Tier Group Health Metrics
  3. ArB
  4. FGB
  5. FMG

Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Endorse DSTU Guidance on Update vs. Reballoting (see co-chair handbook information
    • Motion to endorse DSTU update guidance document Andy, seconded Ken. Unanimously approved
  2. Reprise on Mid-Tier Group Health Metrics
    • Austin sent the graphic for the color grades of the mid-tier groups. DESD was red and others were yellow. Should TSC be red also? The TSC has a different set of metrics from sub groups - any sub groups being red make TSC red, but how many yellow groups make them red. Else we can just be no better color than any of our subgroups. Jean moves and Woody seconds and withdraws. Steering Division is not held to that metric. Jean moves and Melva seconds that TSC only metric if any group reporting to the TSC is red, the TSC is also red. Discussion ensued regarding the double-counting of supported group health. Counting number of yellows, etc. Motions withdrawn. Spreadsheet updated and Lynn will send to Austin.
  3. ArB
    • Ron narrates a slide show.
    • Calvin notes that as this first release is steps 1-3 call it product introductory process. Austin describes some of the groundwork that has to be laid once the vision has been developed.
    • Freida notes that PSC is updating their project life cycle and will need to align with this effort. Ron notes that it will be part of Stage 3.
    • Calvin notes we need to inform the construct of what we're standing up. How we instantiate is how we will solve the problem. Lens of document will tell us if a task force is the right vehicle. Austin notes a task force deals with a set of issues not the long term solution. Ad hoc roles in the task force could be formalized in the long term approach with the BAM notes Andy. The document doesn't solve the problem, but informs the group that's forming the group on how to solve it, notes Calvin. It doesn't solve the problem but identifies the way to go about solving the problem summarizes Ron.
    • Zoran asks if the ultra-lite document will cover all 12 or only the three pages. Ron says it be summary. Constructs is the short list, cheat sheet for onboarding and vetting items into the product portfolio. Calvin moves to endorse this approach, Woody seconds . vote: unanimously approved.
  4. FGB and FMG
    • Lloyd narrates a slide show
    • Discussion on the ballot results ensued - they will decide on Friday whether to do a second ballot prior to publishing the DSTU. Next ballot would focus on specific issues that they think need to be re-vetted as a limited scope ballot.
    • Implementer's council concept review.
    • Nominations for FMG: Paul Knapp and Josh Mandel. A third candidate will be approached by FMG to work with them for the future. Candidate qualifications discussed, including expectation they be voting members. Motion: Ron moves endorsement of the two candidates, seconded by Andy. vote: unanimously approved.

Adjourned 6:09 PM.

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
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Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
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