2013-04-23 TSC ANSI/GOM Task Force notes

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Attendees: Austin, Calvin, Freida, Jean, Pat, (scribe Lynn)

Review suggested changes #9 simple majority of members present and voting on package of dispositions for reconciliation of comments as collected by a person or small group, with the ability to pull out items that need further discussion.

  • Austin notes that SDWG does that and Pat notes that EHR does too. Austin suggests we 'discourage' line item votes. WG is required to approve reconciliation according to their DMP, without specifying how each comment's disposition is handled.
  • The advice in the ballot comment spreadsheet which is commonly ignored might be good information for "old co-chair training".
  • ACTION ITEM: Pat will write up something for 9/10, Freida and Calvin volunteer to review it.

Number 13, for close of ballot pool enrollment.

  • If you have balance in the pool at the closing date you close it but if it is unbalanced then leave it open for additional participants. If the pool is unbalanced and no one objects is it a problem? HL7 is out of compliance of our own rules for balanced participation.
  • Ballot pool signup closed April 22. Ballot close is April 29 and opened March 25. Jean notes it implies you would have to hold off the opening of the ballot unless the pool is balanced.
  • Austin suggests we pre-load the ballot pools with all voting members and ask them to opt-out, or offering them the interest areas they can be automatically signed up for.
  • ACTION ITEM: Freida will check with Karen to see if ANSI would consider that option.
  • Austin further suggests you might have reports for participation. However it may create a separate version of the problem that the full voting body automatically is out of balance and we plead with members to drop out of the pool to create balance. Thus the compromise to move back the ballot pool enrollment closure to two weeks before close of ballot to check for balance and seek fulfillment of balance.
  • Austin adds that we should include this only with normative ballots. Jean suggests you push the enrollment date back for everything and deal with normative ballots out of balance on an exception basis. Unresolved balance of pools are pushed to out of cycle ballots or the next cycle. Voters that consistently don't return votes might be ejected from the ballot pool. You can send a request at that pool closing time to retract enrollment or if the pool is balanced, then lock down the enrollment.
  • How do we flag balance issues on the ballot tally page among voter categories? 'No single interest category can constitute a majority.' Don would need to create % summaries of the interest types and the mechanism to "lock down" enrollment at any point after the enrollment closes where it comes into balance.
  • ACTION ITEM: Jean will write something on this one.

Briefly looked at #25 and 26, and auditor suggestions. Discussion on the work group only as the ballot pool or the 12 votes of an org can be cast as single vote in 12 different WGs. Key members would have to pick a Work Group in which they can cast their votes. Austin asks if this is ANSI saying this or the specific auditor.

Reducing number of ballots is not news, we are trying to do this ourselves. Austin and the TSC are reviewing ballot submissions very closely. If it's not ready you need to fix it not submit it and negative-ballot yourself! If you pass the ballot are you ready to publish it now? If not, it's not ready for ballot.

Limiting ballot pool joining with a record of abstention is problematic for CYA when you're not sure if you're going to have an interest in a ballot. Calvin suggests that we leave normative pools open so you don't have so many abstentions and people know they can vote if the normative specification goes back to ballot.

Adjourned 6:59PM