2012-01-16 TSC WGM Minutes

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Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday 16 Jan 2012 AM Q1
Q5 Business med.gif TSC Monday Co-Chairs Dinner/Meeting
Austin Kreisler Lynn Laakso Room: Regency Ballroom
- - - Collect food/drink from buffet
TSC Co-chairs Dinner

17:30 - 17:40 Welcome and TSC Chair Report Austin Kreisler, TSC Chair
17:40 - 17:45 ArB Report Ron Parker ArB Vice-Chair
17:45 - 17:50 Update from HQ

- Reminders:

New co-chair training – Th 7am – Pecos Room

Karen Van Hentenryck

Lillian Bigham

17:50 – 18:00 Ballot Report Don Lloyd
18:00 - 18:10 PMO, Project Services and PBS Metrics Update Dave Hamill
18:10 - 18:20 Methodology and Harmonization Report Woody Beeler, MnM
18:20- 18:30 CTO Report John Quinn, HL7 CTO
18:30 – 18:40 Tooling Andy Stechishin, co-chair
18:40 - 18:45 Open Mic Lynn Laakso
18:45 - 20:00 Steering Division Meetings

Domain Experts- Llano
Foundation and Technology - Frio
Structure and Semantic Design - Blanco
Technical and Support Services - Nueces



Meeting Information

HL7 Co-chairs dinner/meeting

Location: Regency Ballroom

Date: 2012-01-16
Time: 17:15-21:00pm EDT
Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Quorum Requirements Met: n/a
Attendee list


  1. Welcome and TSC Chair Report - Austin Kreisler, TSC Chair
  2. ArB Report - Ron Parker, ArB Vice-Chair
  3. Update from HQ - Karen Van Hentenryck, Lillian Bigham
    • Reminders:
      press release forms
      meeting minutes to http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?UploadMinutes
      Updates to Facilitator List
      Rooming needs next WGM
      Draft agendas for next WGM
      New co-chair training – Th 7am – Room: Pecos Room
  4. Ballot Report - Don Lloyd
  5. PMO/Project Services update - Dave Hamill
  6. Methodology and Harmonization Report - Woody Beeler, MnM
  7. CTO Report - John Quinn, HL7 CTO
  8. Tooling - Andy Stechishin, co-chair Tooling WG
  9. Open Mic

Supporting Documents


  1. Open Mic
    • On Austin's TSC report, Kathleen Connor asked if minutes needed to be posted to both the wiki and the web page to be counted for Work Group Health. Austin stated that minutes could be posted to either location to be counted.
    • Mary Kay McDaniel asked if the use of the meeting minutes template was required. Austin clarified that the template is a guideline and is not required for the posting of minutes.
    • On Don's ballot report, Jean Duteau asked about the significance of the Australia WGM cycle notation from 2011Jan, and the reason it is an outlier in the reports is that it was a very shortened ballot cycle and was a much smaller set of ballot materials.
    • Helen Stevens requests changing notation on the ballot reports that the differences for January 2011 were due to a short cycle, not due to the WGM being in Australia. Don agrees to make the changes.
    • Woody reports this past harmonization cycle had a larger number of vocabulary proposals, issues with technical review but got through with two days of conference calls. Thursday night facilitator's roundtable will discuss harmonization responsibilities for each work group in light of the recent TSC work group health metric. RIM release 4 ready for publication since it passed ballot last may, Core Principles has also become ready for publication with the last negative withdrawn.
    • Jean asked John to clarify the applicability of CIMI as non-HL7 project. John finds it important as there is a lot of interest within HL7 so it was good to clarify.
    • Andy Stechishin reports that the Tooling challenge was mostly covered by John's presentation.
    • Keith Boone offers a suggestion that folks that invest time as toolsmiths be offered an incentive like complimentary registration or some other perks for Working Group Meetings.
    • Helen Stevens wishes to state that all the Work Groups have a need for skilled resources, as compared to just Tooling.

Adjourned 6:35 PM.