2011-09-11 TSC WGM Minutes

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TSC Sunday Evening meeting for 2011 September WGM

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TSC WGM Agenda/Minutes

HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

Location: Pacific Salon 7, San Diego CA USA

Date: 2011-09-11
Time: 7-9pm
Facilitator: Austin Kreisler Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
x Calvin Beebe HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
x Woody Beeler HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
Bob Dolin HL7 Board Chair (member ex officio w/vote)
x Freida Hall invited guest, HL7 T3SD SD Co-Chair-elect
Chuck Jaffe HL7 CEO (member ex officio w/o vote)
x Tony Julian HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Austin Kreisler (Chair) HL7 TSC Chair, DESD Co-Chair
x Lynn Laakso (scribe, non-voting) HL7 HQ
x Patrick Loyd HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
Ken McCaslin HL7 TSS SD Co-Chair
x Charlie Mead HL7 ArB Chair
Don Mon HL7 Board Chair-elect (member ex officio w/o vote)
Ravi Natarajan HL7 Affiliate Representative
Ron Parker HL7 ArB Alternate
John Quinn HL7 CTO (TSC member ex officio w/vote)
x Pat Van Dyke HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
Mead Walker invited guest, HL7 DESD SD Co-Chair-elect
regrets Ed Tripp HL7 DESD Co-Chair
regrets Jay Zimmerman HL7 Affiliate Representative
x Jane Curry observer
x Rene Spronk observer
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair +5 with 2 SD Reps) Met: yes





Without the ArB representatives we moved forward to the Tuesday lunch agenda:

WGM Planning:

  • Better coordination of joint sessions between Work Groups
    • Publication deadlines for the hard copy printing of onsite guides drive the commitments for room scheduling; cochairs frequently don’t know if they need joint sessions until after the deadlines have passed.
    • EHR schedules their sessions for each WGM and cancels those that they recognize don’t have agenda items for. OO holds almost half their meetings as joint sessions for SIGs they have absorbed and don’t know what coordination is needed in a timely matter.
    • Setting the agendas, scheduling the rooms, and advising those that need to schedule travel are three needs.
    • Is the reason for early deadline a financial problem or a coordination issue? Do we cost more money with room cancellations on U.S. venues?
    • MnM and Vocab always meet without an agenda but usually have to limit the agenda items they have time to address.
    • Further ideas are happily entertained.
    • What is the variation of the room usage statistics?
    • Large groups need large rooms and joint groups need even larger rooms so coordination becomes an issue.
    • Standing joint meetings are the ones that work well.

ArB has arrived.

  • Charlie noted he went through the document with revisions from chapter editors over last 6 weeks. Concept maps were reviewed. Grahame’s RFH proposal was reviewed in view of SAIF WRT to the IF. Patrick, Lorraine and Wendell worked through the BF with Charlie. Jane, Charlie, Cecil and Wendell then reviewed the whole thing. Wendell is rewriting BF for tomorrow. Color coding for distinction between the CD and IGs, origination points in the concept maps.
  • Charlie reviews his slides.
  • Need to reorder cochairs meeting to set Charlie and Austin in sequence on the agenda.

Adjourned at 7:55 PM.