2011-05-15 TSC WGM SDO Activities Minutes

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TSC Sunday Q4 Agenda - 2011 May Orlando FL, USA

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TSC HL7 activities with other SDOs Meeting

Location: TBD

Date: 2011-05-15
Time: Sunday Q4
Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Opportunity for HL7 WGM attendees to review activities in collaboration with other SDOs such as IHE, OMG, and the JWG and JIC, and provide comment.


  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. HL7 Executive Report on Activities with other SDO's (JIC, ISO TC215, JWG, NQF, SCO, W3C)
    • Chuck Jaffe
    • John Quinn
  3. Review of each JIC-sponsored event having HL7 engagement
    • BRIDG: Becky Kush
    • ICSR:Mead Walker
    • IDMP: Tim Buxton
    • CTRR: Becky Kush
    • DataTypes: Grahame Grieve
    • EHR-S FM: Don Mon
    • SKMT: Heather Grain
    • Patient ID: Christian Hay
  4. HL7 activities with CEN TC 251
    • Mark Shafarman
  5. HL7 activities with CDISC
    • Charlie Mead, Becky Kush???
  6. HL7 activities with DICOM
    • Helmut Koenig
  7. HL7 activities with GS1
    • Christian Hay
  8. HL7 activities with IEEE (11073)
    • Todd Cooper
  9. HL7 activities with IHE
    • Keith Boone
  10. HL7 activities with IHTSDO
    • Bob Dolin or Russ Hamm
  11. HL7 activities with NAACCR
    • Betsy Kohler (check with Ken Gerlach/CDC)
  12. HL7 Activities with NCPDP
    • Margaret Weiker
  13. HL7 activities with OMG
    • Ken Rubin
  14. Hl7 Activities with the Health Story Project
    • Joy Kuhl
  15. HL7 Activites with TIGER
    • Linda Fischetti
  16. HL7 Activities with WEDI
    • Maria Ward or Jim Schuping
  17. HL7 Activities with X12
    • Maria Ward
  18. Comment period

Supporting Documents