2011-04-18 TSC Call Agenda

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TSC Agenda/Minutes

Meeting Info/Attendees

HL7 TSC Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 124466#
GoToMeeting ID: 165-215-206

Date: 2011-04-18
Time: 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Austin Kreisler Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
regrets Calvin Beebe HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
x Woody Beeler HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Bob Dolin HL7 Board Chair
x Tony Julian HL7 FTSD Co-Chair
x Austin Kreisler HL7 TSC Chair, DESD Co-Chair
x Lynn Laakso HL7 staff support
Patrick Loyd HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
Ken McCaslin HL7 TSS SD Co-Chair
Charlie Mead HL7 ArB Chair
x Ravi Natarajan HL7 Affiliate Representative
x Ron Parker HL7 ArB Alternate
called in, left for ONC call John Quinn HL7 CTO
regrets Gregg Seppala HL7 SSD SD Co-Chair
x (1st half) Ed Tripp HL7 DESD Co-Chair
x Jay Zimmerman HL7 Affiliate Representative
x Dave Hamill HL7 HQ
x Lenel James BCBS, observer
x Brian Pech interested observer

Quorum Requirements (Chair +5 with 2 SD Reps) Met: yes


Agenda Topics

  1. Introduction of visitors (including declaration of interests)
  2. Agenda review and approval - Austin Kreisler
  3. Approve Minutes
  4. Review action items
  5. Approval items:
  6. Discussion topics:
    • PBS Metrics report (Dave Hamill)
    • Innovations session at the 2011May WGM
    • TSC call for nominations
  7. Reports: (attach written reports below from Steering Divisions et al.)
  8. Open Issues List

Supporting Documents


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Introduction of visitors (including declaration of interests) Lenel James and Brian Pech
  2. Agenda review and approval - Austin Kreisler
  3. Approve Minutes of 2011-04-11_TSC_Call_Minutes Ravi abstains.
  4. Approval items:
  1. Discussion topics:
    • PBS Metrics report (Dave Hamill)
      • Projects, Ballots and Standards (PBS) report summarizes those items that need to be addressed by the Work Group. Dave Hamill discusses the report. Information gathered from web site, Project Insight, etc. Will be reported once each cycle. Dave describes the information on the Legends tab.
      • The most recent version of the report is at http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/frsrelease/774/8235/PBS_Metrics_20110415.xls.
      • HQ has identified a number of next steps they will be pursuing (see Legend tab). We are asking you look at the spreadsheet and provide feedback for further discussion on the 4/25 call on how we want to use this going forward.
      • Woody notes that if you don’t have anything to ballot you don’t have any smears. Some things appear in multiple columns. The material is not up to date, e.g. idle ballots and non-advancing ballots category is judgmental, for such a thing as core principles where substantive changes and continuing progress is being made.
      • Dave noted that we did note that duplicates existed and that there is more work to be done in merging the duplicates. Dave describes the role of project management is to report so that things don’t get left out there and forgotten – the intent is not to flog anyone but to ensure that things are being worked upon.
      • Ravi agrees, and need to note those groups that are not being active.
      • Discussion ensued on reporting by project as compared to Work Group, reflecting on the Work Group and not necessarily on projects. Woody has some concerns with the overlap. Ed feels if you measure project health by whether a reconciliation package is posted you should know if there is a plan to do so. Some ballots are still working on it and still need another 6 months to complete reconciliation.
      • Austin points out the tab for project health. Dave describes this as project health as reported in Project Insight, and need to provide the detail reporting on which projects are those that are in the various statuses. Woody asks if others can update Project Insight; Dave says the Work Groups can update it or they can send the info to him to update. Dave would like to have documentation of the reason why milestone dates get changed.
      • Austin notes we can use this to start asking questions of projects, to find out where they ‘’really’’ are, perhaps for the Steering Divisions to review rather than at the TSC level.
      • Ron challenges the assumption that Project Insight as the tool by which the information is managed, is actually being updated. Logistics in a volunteer organization to achieve consistency is difficult. He sees it as ‘Here are the indicators we have to let us know if things are tracking in a reasonable manner, and let us know if these are incorrect and what the problems are that we can address.’ Austin also says that where we identify problems we need to instruct them on what needs to be done to resolve the problems.
      • Ravi asks if this is more for internal consumption or is it meant for affiliates or implementers of the standards? Austin notes that TSC has to address that concern. The information is publicly available but the value added is the HQ organization of an overview which we’ve never had before.
      • Ed leaves the call.
      • Austin notes we’ll allocate a block of time to discuss this next week also. Dave thanks the group for their input, as he and Karen, Don and Lynn will be meeting again to discuss this week and will share this information. Austin thanks those at HQ who have pulled the info together.
    • Innovations session at the 2011May WGM – defer to next week as Ed has left the call.
    • TSC call for nominations
      • Austin, Woody, Calvin, and Ken’s co-chair positions are up for election. Existing candidates can run without term limits. You may need to recruit your replacement! Gregg may be stepping down as cochair of SSD SD before the end of his term and so that Steering Division may have to find a replacement for him in addition to the election for Calvin’s position.
      • The TSC can nominate someone on the Board Nominations committee as well, but Woody cautions that such a nominations committee member is ineligible to serve on the Board.
      • Put the question of TSC member on Board Nominations committee on TSC agenda for next week.
  2. Reports: (attach written reports below from Steering Divisions et al.)
  3. Open Issues List

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • .
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Innovations session at the 2011May WGM
  • Projects, Ballots and Standards (PBS) report
  • TSC member on Board Nominations committee on TSC agenda for next week
  • See 2011-04-25_TSC_Call_Agenda