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TSC Sunday Q4 meeting for 2010 January WGM Phoenix AZ

Opportunity for HL7 WGM attendees to review activities in collaboration with other SDOs such as IHE, OMG, and the JWG and JIC, and provide comment.

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Sunday, January 17th, 2010, 3:30 - 5 PM (Q4)

HL7 activities with other SDOs

attendance, see bottom of page


HL7 activities with CEN TC 251

  • Mark Shafarman, Bernd Blobel
  • Mark noted he’s been attending CEN meetings for a number of years as an HL7 representative. Some ISO projects started in CEN representation. 13606 concepts and classcodes for RIM to harmonize CDA documents with 13606 type documents. CDA Documents based on templates as a goal, with a templates registry pilot project starting this week.
  • Bernd noted from a HISA project now service architecture also moving to the ISO level. Not just the RM ODP from ’96 but 10746 adopted in ISO new expression modeling languages. Upgrading to more advanced presentation style. Continuity of care work Bernd mentioned.
  • Comment from Melvin Reynolds; Continuity of care work Bernd mentioned also related to higher level concepts, discussion in Madrid in November coming towards different views in a single acronym CONSIS that may be pulled into 3 or 4 complementary projects.
  • Richard Dixon-Hughes: NWIP from Gary Dickinson interoperability needs to integrate US EU and rest of world projects; need to consolidate not create more. Bernd replies the scope of the standards is very broad; cannot express everything in a single specification. Future may address different aspects of different parts.

HL7 activities with CDISC

HL7 activities with DICOM

  • Helmut Koenig
  • MOU between HL7 and DICOM renewed 2007; Joint working group established. Close cooperation with Structured Documents, worked jointly on DIR IG Diagnostic Imaging reports. Corresponding DICOM document is transformation guide.

HL7 activities with IEEE (11073)

HL7 activities with IHE

HL7 activities with IHTSDO

  • Russ Hamm
  • Work on two fronts: IHTSDO work bench, and Terminfo ballot, use of SNOMED in HL7 V3 models.
    • Workbench: HL7 evaluation saw conceptually the core capabilities to maintain and manage its own vocab resources and other vocab activities. Pilot using workbench discussion Thursday Q2 with Tooling and Vocab to scope the pilot. Develop shareable subsets or ref sets, to create and recommend changes to SNOMED. Need more hands on experience suing the software to determine how it will help HL7u
    • Terminfo: co-implementing SNOMED in HL7 standards. Giving the vocab group a chance to look at it and then move forward.

HL7 Activities with NCPDP

  • Sue Thompson
  • Collaborative efforts as part of SCO
    • Some in conjunction with HITSP foundations committee; # 5 codeset recommendations for eprescribing, document exchange and clinical research; project 12 information interchange for clinical info in response to queries with NCPDP task groups working on med history queries using CCD or CCR variant. #4 is provider registry with Lenel James to develop consumer, network and health plan searches. #1 led by Quinn and Hammond to evaluate standards gaps and overlaps and develop sustainable approach going forward. #9 harmonization of standards publication led from former chair of x12. #12 is services industry scan looking at what parts of the industry working with SOA and funneling into other SCO and other organizations to survey participants of the SOA modeling effort.
    • Works with HITSP on subcommittee using common header and common structure. Plea for other SDOs to work with this, NHIN is in need of support.
    • NCPDP-HL7 joint project on standalone e-prescribing and pharmacist/pharmacy interchange. First phase is functional model for prescribing interchange. Initially got sidetracked on CCHIT criteria to incorporate into Functional Model. Pharmacy/cist interchange profile starting April or May.
    • NCPDP also interacts with X12, recommendations for Rx industry on use of X12 standards that are overlapping, primarily remittance advice. Changes are needed due to remark codes.
    • another Work group working on pedigree and traceability in Rx industry with GS1. try to educate Rx industry on what is needed for traceability.
    • Identifier WG working with WEDI on identification card development structure.

HL7 activities with OMG

  • Ken Rubin
  • State of the relationship: been working with HL7 for some time and has steadily improved. Regular participation at CEO/CTO level and they were at last OMG meeting December and Richard Soley will be here Weds. Joint effort underway on role of OMG and HL7 in development of SOA standards. CTS2 passed HL7 ballot to be published and OMG request for proposed technical standard about to start and encouraging participation. HSD passed ballot this time. DSS passed some time ago and in December was adopted as OMG specification.
    • opportunities of interest; SOA in Healthcare conference around June or July in Washington D.C.

HL7 activities with ISO TC215

  • John Quinn
  • Kees Molinar taking over from Ed as chair
  • See HL7 ISO Activities
  • If you have a project happening with ISO, etc. please ensure you have the documentation in the HL7 project system.
  • Richard DH asked about Datatypes. Audrey said they got hung up in CS because they edited the coding. They are working with them on the changes. John asked to let us know if there was something we need to change. Audrey thought we all need to sit down and look at the changes. Example given was of a patient tracing as a figure.
  • Audrey noted IDMP went through second NWIP/CD ballot last summer which passed and 800 pages of comments being reconciled.
  • Lise asks are we going to formally meet to talk about lessons learned on this process? John is interested in the feedback, and would like Lynn with him to document changes to process and tracking. Pre- and Post – process harmonization across SDOs is a concern.

Review of each JIC-sponsored event having HL7 engagement

IS 27953 - Health Informatics:Pharmacovigilance - Structure and Data Elements for (HL7 V3) Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR)
  • Lise Stevens or Mead Walker
  • 2nd DIS ballot close after spring ISO meetings.

Health Informatics – Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)
  • ISO TS 11238 - Ingredients/Substances
  • 11239 Dose/Unit/Route
  • 11240 Units of Measure - Christof Gessner
  • 11615 MPIDs
  • 11616 PhPIDs
ISO/TS/NWIP# 28379 Health Informatics: Common Glossary for TC215
  • Vocabulary WG: HL7 Project Insight ID#495

Comment period

  • Melvin R. appreciates the suggestion and there are past experiences that should be shared. Then things they learned and thought they changed but then the policy changes don’t get propagated across SDOs. Sometimes joint work on projects is not the most efficient way to do it. We need consider handing over the lead on a project and allow them to do it where it is most efficient and then take it to rubber stamp it in other parts of the world.
  • Charlie asks if we should consider this for next WGM?
  • Bob Dolin would like to devote some time to discussion of the efficiency of the relationship.
  • Richard DH says JWG9 will meet next in May
  • Charlie would suggest a Doodle poll to identify time slots
  • JIC meeting this week, noted Becky, and these issues can be brought back there.
  • Monday lunch – get a table with a reserved sign for a brainstorming session.


Name Affiliation Email Present
Allen Hobbs Kaiser Permanente allen.hobbs@kp.org x
Barnet, David NHS CfH david.barnet@nhs.net x
Benson, Tim UK tim.benson@ [unintelligible].co.uk x
Blobel PhD, Bernd HL7, CEN, ISO bernd.blobel@klinik.uni-regensburg.de x
Boulay, Louis Health Canada louis.boulay@hc.slgc.ca x
Buxton, Tim EMA tim.buxton@emea.europa.eu x
Case, James NIH/NLM James.case@nih.gov x
Chu, Stephen NEHTA (AUS) stephen.chu@nehta.gov.au x
Cromwell, Tim VHA tim.cromwell@va.gov x
Dickerson, Audrey ISO TC 215 adickerson@himss.org x
Dickinson, Gary Centrihealth gary.dickinson@ehr-standards.com x
Dixon Hughes, Richard HL7 Australia richard@dh4.com.au x
Ferguson, Jamie Kaiser Permanente jamie.ferguson@kp.org x
Finseth, Myron Medtronic myron.finseth@medtronic.com x
Fukui, Yuiko Japan PMDA fukui-yuiko@pmda.go.jp x
Gaunt, Sarah NEHTA (AUS) sarah.gaunt@nehta.gov.au x
Gessner, Christof HL7 Germany gessner@mxdx.de x
Glover, Hugh Blue Wave hugh.glover@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk x
Goldschmidt, Peter HL7 US pgg@has.com x
Grain, Heather HL7 Australia heather@lginformatics.com x
Hamm, Russell Apelon rhamm@apelon.com x
Hausam MD, Robert TheraDoc rob.hausam@hospira.com x
Hay, Christian GS1 Christian.Hay@gs1.org x
Heggli, Beat HL7-Switzerland Beat.Heggli@nexus-schweiz.ch x
Houston, Paul EMA paul.houston@klinik.uni-regensburg.de x
Hsing, Nelson VHA nelson.hsing@va.gov x
Huang, Wendy Infoway/HL7 CA whuang@infoway-inforoute.ca x
James, Julie ii4SM julie.james@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk x
Jewell, Gaby Cerner gjewell@cerner.com x
Kavanagh, Richard NHS CfH richard.kavanagh@nhs.net x
Kennedy, Margie Canada Health Infoway mkennedy@infoway-inforoute.ca x
Kim, Il Kon HL7 Korea TKKim@knu.ac.kr x
Kimura, Michio HL7 Japan kimura@mi.hama-med.ac.jp x
Klein, Ted HL7 ted@tklein.com x
Knight, Beverly Infoway bknight@infoway-inforoute.ca x
Koenig M.D., Helmut DICOM, HL7 helmut.koenig@siemens.com x
Koide, Daisuke HL7 Japan koide-tky@umin.net x
Marr, Andrew GlaxoSmithKline andrew.p.marr@gsk.com x
McCauley, Vince HL7 Australia vincem@mccauleysoftware.com x
McClure, Rob VHA rmcclure@apelon.com x
Mulrooney, Galen VHA galen.mulrooney@va.gov x
Natarajan, Ravi CfH ravi.natarajan@nhs.net x
Obayashi, Masaharu HL7 Japan obayashi@kthree.co.jp x
Quinn, John HL7 CTO john.f.quinn@accenture.com x
Reynolds, Melvin CEN melvinr@ams-consulting.co.uk x
Ritter, John CAP jritter@cap.org x
Roberts, John TN Dept Health john.a.roberts@tn.gov x
Robertson, Scott Kaiser Permanente scott.m.robertson@kp.org x
Rocca, Mitra FDA mitra.rocca@fda.hhs.gov x
Rowed, David HL7 Australia david.rowlands@direkt.com.au x
Rowlands, David HL7 Australia david.rowed@oceaninformatics.com x
Rubin, Ken HP ken.rubin@hp.com x
Shabo, Amnon IBM Research shabo@il.ibm.com x
Shafarman, Mark HL7 US mark.shafarman@earthlink.net x
Stevens, Lise HL7 US (FDA) Lise.Stevens@fda.hhs.gov x
Suarez, Walter Kaiser Permanente walter.g.suarez@kp.org x
Thun, Sylvia HL7 Germany thun@dimdi.de x
Walker, Mead HD&I dmead@comcast.net x
Ward, Steven T HL7 US stw@lilly.com x
Watanabe, Taku Japan PMDA watanabe-taku@pmda.go.jp x
Woder, Robert HL7 UK robert.woder@ [unintelligible] .com x
Wrightson, Ann HL7 UK ann.wrightson@wales.nhs.uk x