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====HL7 activities with CEN TC 251====
====HL7 activities with CEN TC 251====
<!--Melvin Reynolds-->
<!--Melvin Reynolds-->
*Mark Shafarman
*Mark Shafarman, Bernd Blobel
====HL7 activities with IHE====
====HL7 activities with IHE====

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TSC Sunday Q4 meeting for 2010 January WGM Phoenix AZ

Opportunity for HL7 WGM attendees to review activities in collaboration with other SDOs such as IHE, OMG, and the JWG and JIC, and provide comment.

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Sunday, January 17th, 2010, 3:30 - 5 PM (Q4)

HL7 activities with other SDOs


HL7 activities with ISO TC215

HL7 activities with CEN TC 251

  • Mark Shafarman, Bernd Blobel

HL7 activities with IHE

  • Keith Boone

HL7 activities with OMG

  • Ken Rubin

HL7 activities with CDISC

  • Becky Kush

HL7 activities with IHTSDO

  • Russ Hamm

HL7 activities in JWG

Review of each JIC-sponsored event having HL7 engagement

IS 27953 - Health Informatics:Pharmacovigilance - Structure and Data Elements for (HL7 V3) Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR)
Health Informatics – Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)
  • ISO TS 11238 - Ingredients/Substances
  • 11239 Dose/Unit/Route
  • 11240 Units of Measure - Christof Gessner
  • 11615 MPIDs
  • 11616 PhPIDs
ISO/TS/NWIP# 28379 Health Informatics:Common Glossary for TC215
  • Vocabulary WG: HL7 Project Insight ID#495

Comment period