20090112 Working Group Meeting, Orlando

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Domain Experts Steering Division

Minutes - Orlando Working Group Meeting

January 12, 2009


  • Anatomic Pathology
    • Victor Brodsky
  • Anesthesia
    • Terri Monk
    • Martin Hurrel
  • Attachments
    • Durwin Day
    • Jim McKinley
  • CBCC
    • Suzanne Gonzales Webb
    • Richard Thorenson
  • CIC
    • Crystal Kallem
  • Devices
    • Todd Cooper
    • Melvin Reynolds
  • Emergency Care
    • Jim McClay
    • Kevin Coonan
  • Gov Projects
    • Jim McCain
    • Nancy Orvis
    • Randy Levin
  • Imaging Integration
    • Fred Behlin
    • Helmut Kownig
  • Lab
    • Rob Hausam
  • Patient Care
    • William Goossen
    • Larry McKnight
  • Patient Safety
    • Lise Stevens
  • Pharmacy
    • Garry Cruickshank
  • PHER
    • Joginder Madra
    • Alean Kirnak
    • Michelle Williamson
    • Rita Altamor
    • John Speakman
    • Ed Helton
  • DESD Co-chairs
    • Austin Kreisler
    • Ed Tripp
  • Observers
    • Steve Hufnagel
    • Mary Kay McDaniel (FM)
    • Beat Heggli (FM)


  1. Role Call
    • Quorum was met for the meeting
  2. Review agenda
    • Added dueling RMIM agenda item
  3. Announcements
    • DESD co-chair election – Austin Kreisler new primary co-chair; Ed Tripp is Alternate
  4. Approval of minutes from previous meetings
    • Vancouver WGM - Unanimously approved
    • Conference call 10/15/2008 - Unanimously approved
  5. Project Approvals
    • Projects proposals & 3 Year Plans - In the future the TSC may require an updated 3 year plan to be submitted along with a new project proposal.
    • Approval for H-SOA-RA_and_EHR-SD_RM project
      • Comments from Online Voting:
        • Austin Kreisler (Lab) Friday, December 19, 2008 2:52:07 PM EST Mapping should occur to v2.5.1 or higher in US realm and any gaps identified during this project should be properly and timely communicated to the responsible WGs.
        • Ed Tripp (RCRIM) Tuesday, December 16, 2008 4:27:53 PM EST This looks like 2 projects one to develop H-SOA-RA Version 2.0 and one to modify the EHR-SD RM
        • The govt project is responding to the comments as follows: For Helmut's questions: The initial mappings and H-SOA ref Arechitecture framework maturation will be informative documents. We think, in conjuntion with an advisory from the CTO John Quinn, that the final System Domain model could be normative or a technical document. John, could you help us clarify that answer. For RCRIMs negative vote as to whether this should be broken into two, versus one project, we believe the coherence is in keeping it together, with different phases.
      • The H-SOA-RA_and_EHR-SD_RM project team (Nancy Orvis and Steve Hufnagel) led an active discussion regarding the project. Points identified during the discussion include:
        • William G. suggests looking at ISO standards
        • US Realm project currently, may become universal at some point.
      • DESD Project Approval Vote: Affirmative-11, Negative-0, Abstain-6
  6. Work Group dissolution request from Laboratory
    • Austin provided a brief overview of why the Laboratory Work Group is dissolving. In reality it is merging with the Orders and Observations work group, but in the process of doing that merger, the Lab work group is being formally dissolved. The work of developing Lab standards will continue under OO with most of the same people being involved.
    • DESD Vote: Unanimously approved
  7. Mission and Charter Updates
    • New template available for Mission and Charters - Use the new template when doing an update to existing M&C's.
  8. Report on ARB activities
    • Nancy Orvis provided a report on current ArB activities. She announced that she would be stepping down from the ArB and will be replaced by Wendell Ocasio who will represent the steering division on the ArB.
  9. Updates from TSC
    • How does the HL7 Roadmap impact your work group - Work groups need to review the HL7 Roadmap and determine how their existing projects map on to the Roadmap.
  10. Work Group Health Review
    • Lynn Lasko, the HL7 TSC Project Manager is compiling the Work Group Health spreadsheets now.
    • Still missing SWOTs and 3 year plans from many work groups
  11. Dueling RMIMs/Improved Work Group collaboration (Kevin Coonan)
    • There was a discussion about overlapping projects that work groups are pursuing
    • The purpose of the project review process is to catch these sorts of overlap up front so that work groups can coordinate overlapping work.
    • There was a suggestion that new projects must evaluate existing projects and standards prior to proposing new projects so that only new standards are being developed. That suggestion will be taken to the TSC.
  12. Future conference calls, do we need them?
    • Doodle electronic polls are working (slowly), but they are working
    • We will not hold regular conference calls
    • Calls may be scheduled on an as needed basis to discuss and resolve issues