2009-10-12 TSC Call Agenda

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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, October 12, 2009 CANCELLED

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  • Chair: Charlie McCay
  • CTO: John Quinn
  • Domain Experts: Austin Kreisler (primary), Ed Tripp (alternate)
  • Foundation & Technology: Ioana Singureanu (primary), Woody Beeler (alternate)
  • Structure & Semantic Design: Calvin Beebe (primary), Gregg Seppala (alternate)
  • Technical & Support Services: Ken McCaslin (primary), Helen Stevens Love (alternate)
  • Affiliate: Ravi Natarajan
  • ARB: Charlie Mead (primary), Ron Parker (alternate)
  • HQ: Lynn Laakso


  • Charles Jaffe (CEO)
  • Ed Hammond (HL7 Chair); Bob Dolin (HL7 Vice Chair)
  • D. Mead Walker (incoming alternate FTSD Rep)
  • Marc Koehn (EA IP)
  • Karen Van Hentenryck (HQ)
  • Kevin Coonan, William Goossen (Patient Care WG Co-Chairs)


  • Charlie Mead
  • Ravi Natarajan
  • Ron Parker
  • Gregg Seppala


Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call -
  2. Accept Agenda -

Guest discussion:

  • DCM issues, see TSC Issue # 890, on Consistency of Clinical content and overlap

Agenda continued

  1. Approve Minutes from 2009-10-05_TSC_Call_Minutes
    • from 2009SeptWGM:
  2. Review action items
    • From 2009SeptWGM, 20090919 - Calvin and Charlie Mead to present a brief summarizing the issues of representing how the TSC interacts with the Roadmap
    • From 2009SeptWGM, Helen wordsmithing on the TSC Mission and Charter draft - postponed to next week.

(20 min) Standing Committee Reports/Approvals

  1. CEO Report -
  2. CTO Report -
    • OMG-HSSP Process update:
    • EA IP Update
  3. ArB Report -
  4. International Council Report -
  5. Domain Experts -
  6. Foundation & Technology -
  7. Structure & Semantic Design -
  8. Technical & Support Services -

(30 min) Discussion topics

  • TSC Chair election: motion to elect Charlie McCay as TSC Chair for 2010-2011.
  • Board recommendation: TSC to evaluate Research and Innovations Committee, background at [TSC Tracker #1320] - current format proposed is half-day workshop at 2010JanWGM
  • Roadmap Strategic Initiatives review
    Strategic Initiatives - Current:
    • Expand, reinvigorate and streamline HL7’s production, processes and technologies
    • Evaluate HL7’s competitive environment and define HL7’s roles, positions and actions
    • Enhance communication and outreach: make HL7 more useable, useful and understandable and share the ideas worldwide
    • Embrace the Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Health Record System (EHR-S)/Personal Health Record (PHR) as the focal point of technical development of health informatics standards
    • Connect to the clinicians, an essential HL7 community
    Strategic Initiatives - Proposed:
    • Streamline the HL7 standards development process.
    • Facilitate HL7 standards adoption.
    • Define an overarching and internally consistent interoperability framework.
    • Ensure broad and encompassing stakeholder engagement in the standards development process.
    • Lead development of the technical and functional health informatics standards for electronic health records.

Open Issues List

For Review 20091012:

  • TSC Tracker #1321: Next steps on WG not meeting at WGM
    • point of consideration - handbook specifies Work Group co-chairs are expected to attend at least every other WGM or be subject to removal; what expectation shall be made explicit for Work Groups?
  • TSC Tracker 1119: Publication requests without responses to comments received posted on the Ballot Desktop
    no outstanding requests without responses - Closing issue'
    • Clinical Genomics 2.5.1 IG - posted
    • V3 Claims & Reimbursements; Special Authorization, R1 - posted
    • V3 Care Provision; Allergy & Intolerance, R1 - posted
    • V3 Immunization, R1 - posted
  • TSC Tracker 1319, HL7 IPR, Patents, and Copyright Issues

Future Agenda item list

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