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(New page: __TOC__ =Co-Chairs Dinner and Meeting for May 2009 WGM= back to TSC Minutes and Agendas ==Monday, May 11, 5:30-7pm CoChairs Meeting== ===Update from HQ=== #Reminders: #*Board Electio...)
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==Monday, May 11, 5:30-7pm CoChairs Meeting==
==Monday, May 11, 5:30-7pm CoChairs Meeting==
[http://hl7projects.hl7.nscee.edu/docman/view.php/52/2642/Attendees_cochairdinner2009MayWGM.pdf Attendees]
===Update from HQ===
===Update from HQ===

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Co-Chairs Dinner and Meeting for May 2009 WGM

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Monday, May 11, 5:30-7pm CoChairs Meeting


Update from HQ

  1. Reminders:
    • Board Election Nominations open through June 15, and elections will take place July 1-30.
    • TSC Election Nominations will open June 16 and run through July 16; elections will be held July 20 through August 19. Positions held by Ken McCaslin, Helen Stevens Love, Woody Beeler, and Ioana Singureanu are up for election.
    • Re-affirmation of ANSI Standards
      • ANSI requies that standards be kept up to date, meaining that they are either updated every five years (if not sooner) or reaffirmed. For the first time in our history, we've asked to reaffirm two standards: CCOW, V1.5 and HL7 V3; Regulated Studies; Annotated ECG, R1. Several other standards are reaching their 5 year point later this year or next and we will be reaffirming those if the WGs in charge of them have not begun a revision by their 5 years' publication anniversary. Don and Karen will be reminding those WG having standards needing affirmation
    • Press release forms were made available to attendees (press releases can also be emailed to Andrea).
    • New co-chair training: Thurs at 7am – Room K
    • Updates to Facilitator Lists are requested.
  2. Ballot report: note to consider – switching voters in regard to ballot pools. Vote follows a person in a consensus pool, not a ‘position’.
  3. Rooming needs next WGM: September Plenary in Atlanta. Please submit room requests by Monday May 25 2009 at 5:00 pm EST, one work group chair per work group at the link http://www.hl7.org/events/atlanta092009/meetingprep.cfm.

CTO Report – John Quinn

  1. Presentation slideshow
    • SAEAF
      • GForge site has both Word and Powerpoint documents
      • Architecture of our organization affects the architecture of our products
      • Also has a snapshot 1.5 page, 9 slide ‘elevator pitch’
  2. Tooling
    • How we’re funding this right now would only maintain the status quo. Financing plan informally proposed to US Federal Government. Two folks here will be participating on Standards Advisory Panel, two new heads at ONCHIT will start this Friday May 15.
    • Eight streams of tooling development; puts us on a standard platform.
  3. SDOs
    • WG6 projects become JIC projects
    • U.S. Standards bodies (for the most part) participating in SCO.
    • NCPDP and Federal Government now recognize benefit of one standards body.
    • Question on proposed budget for the Tooling – not intended as part of this presentation. Still only proposed budget

TSC Progress/ Update – Charlie McCay

  1. PEO/National Initiative funding prospect being discussed. HL7 delivering value to national initiatives already (CDA for example).
    • Investment against the HITECH initiative obligates us to know what we can deliver.
    • Morphing into “Large Customer Partnerships” project.
  2. Visibility effort –
    • Projects and products; PSS, project directory.
    • Now starting a product directory
    • Google SPL and get FDA sites; search for CDA and does not go to HL7.
    • Similarly for Work Groups – what are they currently doing as well as planning?
  3. Enterprise Architecture Implementation Project (EA IP)
    • Additional complexity in projects in near term will make life easier in long term
    • Implementation projects will hit problems, and
  4. Roadmap – Strategic vision of organization
    • TSC to focus over next few months
    • Visibility key first step in deliver on rest of Roadmap; working with Roadmap Task Force and the Board
  5. Work Group SWOTs and Three-Year Plans – Charlie McCay
    • We will continue to ask for them; Steering Divisions will continue to look for them. Will allow for visibility across the organization.

Electronic Services Update – Ken McCaslin

  1. Within the next 60 days new updates will be announced
    1. A new landing page for HL7 – looking for volunteers to help test – send email to ES cochairs
    2. A new release on listserv
      • Changes will include a left nav, for better usability
  2. Removing gate key on the wiki for the work groups
    • When ES asked for locations of where all documents are kept by work groups, they received 60% response, and will post the information on the work groups’ page. If no response, the default information on the spreadsheet will be published on the web site.
    • Question received by Gunther on what is this in relation to the same announcement from three years ago.
      • Prior effort found the vendor unable to deliver and we severed our relationship with them. We hired a web developer April 1st. Minor changes already deployed. Strategy change with last few meetings will provide for phasing in new functionality rather than big bang. Beg your patience as it will take a bit longer.

Methodology and Harmonization Report – Woody Beeler

  1. Ballots and related things
    • Ballot coming in August – ballot information forms due in two weeks from yesterday, and will be distributed later this week.
    • Full schedule for summer publishing on the web site – look for pub calendar
    • Normative edition needs fuller preview. Information coming to cochairs list later this week on how to preview and where the URL is.
    • William Goossen asks where do we submit editing proposals? Publishing facilitators, ideally. Could summarize in an email to Publishing list.
    • RIM normative ballot started 2004 now has started R2. Includes list of change for everything since last version. Top half nearly unchanged, single class added, few attributes changed.
    • Reconciliation nearly complete, Weds Q1 remaining to be conducted; no blockbusters anticipated. Revised RIM for August ballot for changes since March ballot. Will be done annually.
    • When we ballot the one in August they will be bound to Abstract Data Types R2 not R1. Full details on pre-existing static models still in process.

Education Update – Abdul-Malik Shakir

  • Decision today in Q3 to bring to cochairs. Tutorial speakers seeking to give continuing education credits but we need to own the copyrights to the education materials. Those who wish to be tutorial speakers must at a minimum be willing to share the copyright to be considered as a speaker.

Open Mic

  • Hans: question for version 2.7 plans?
    • Don response publishing committee thinks they can achieve final package with the current material. Q3 Thursday V2 publishing will discuss planning for v2.8 proposals.

Adjourn 6:42PM