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=Minutes for Domain Experts Steering Division Conference Call=
=Minutes for Domain Experts Steering Division Conference Call=

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Minutes for Domain Experts Steering Division Conference Call


  • Co-Chair - Austin Kreisler
  • Anatomic Pathology -
  • Anesthesiology -
  • Attachments - Rob Root
  • Clinical Interoperability Council - Crystal Kallem
  • Community Based Collaborative Care - Richard Thoreson
  • Emergency Care - Kevin Coonan
  • Government Projects - Nancy Orvis
  • Health Care Devices - Todd Cooper
  • Imaging Integration
  • Laboratory - Rob Hausam
  • Patient Care - Kevin Coonan
  • Patient Safety -
  • Pediatrics Data Standards -
  • Public Health Emergency Response (PHER) - Alean Kirnak, Kristi Eckerson
  • Pharmacy -
  • Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)


  1. Role Call
    • Quorum was acheived with 9 work groups present
  2. Announcements - TSC elections opened last week
  3. Mission and Charter updates discussion - This will be an opportunity to discuss comments made on the various M&C statements currently being voted on by the steering division.
  4. ArB Report from Nancy Orvis
    • The ArB timeline is to have its recommendations to TSC by next WGM Meeting in June, July and August
    • ArB recommendations will include the following:
      • Dynamic model
      • Integrating all products of HL7
      • Bring in SOA into integrating with other HL7 products
      • Framework with Messages, SOA, EHR functional models, documents etc.