20080528 Conference Call Minutes

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Minutes for Domain Experts Steering Division Conference Call


  • Co-Chair - Austin Kreisler
  • Anatomic Pathology -
  • Anesthesiology -
  • Attachments -
  • Cardiology - Brian McCourt
  • Clinical Interoperability Council - Meridith Nahm, Crystal Kallem
  • Community Based Health Services -
  • Emergency Care -
  • Government Projects - Nancy Orvis
  • Health Care Devices -
  • Imaging Integration - Helmut Koenig
  • Laboratory -
  • Patient Care - William Goossen
  • Patient Safety -
  • Pediatrics Data Standards -
  • Public Health Emergency Response (PHER) - Rita Altamore, Kristi Eckerson
  • Pharmacy -
  • Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM) - Ed Tripp


  1. At 10:15 am Eastern, the conference call was ended due to lack of quorum. We had 7 Work Groups represented and needed a minimum of 9 Work Groups present to make quorum. Email votes will be held for the 3 project scope statements submitted to DESD for approval, as well as an email vote to approve the dissolution of the Cardiology Work Group. The Work Group Mission and Charter revisions will be rolled over to the next DESD Conference Call. Ed Tripp with RCRIM noted that one of Work Groups project scope statements that was previously approved by DESD seems to have been lost. Ed will forward a copy of the project to Austin who will investigate what happened to the project.