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==Minutes - May 5, 2008==
==Minutes - May 5, 2008==
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===WorkGroup and Attendence===
===WorkGroup and Attendence===
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#New Business  
#New Business  
#*Lots of issues with coordinating joint sessions. Really want an online tool to do joint meeting coordination.  The shift to SD’s is driving the need to do more joint meetings.
#*Lots of issues with coordinating joint sessions. Really want an online tool to do joint meeting coordination.  The shift to SD’s is driving the need to do more joint meetings.
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Minutes - May 5, 2008

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WorkGroup and Attendence

  • Steering Division Co-chairs
    • Jim Case (presiding)
    • Austin Kreisler (note taker)
  • Anesthesiology
    • Martin Hurrell
    • Terri Monk
    • Andrew Norton
  • Attachments
    • Mike Cassidy
    • Durwin Day
  • Cardiology
    • Brian McCourt
  • CBCC
    • Suzanne Gonzales-Webb
    • Heather Grain
    • Richard Thoreson
  • CIC
    • Crystal Kallem
  • Device
    • Todd Cooper
    • Melvin Reynolds
  • Emergency Care
    • Jim McClay
  • Government Projects
    • Jim McCain
    • Nancy Orvis
  • Imaging Integration
    • Fred Behlen
    • Helmut Koenig
  • Lab
    • Rob Hausam
    • Craig Robinson
  • Orders and Observations (Observing DESD apparently)
    • Gunther Schadow
  • Patient Care
    • William Goossen
  • Patient Safety
    • Lise Stevens
  • Pharmacy
    • Tom De Jong
    • Rob Hallowell
    • Randy Levin
  • PHER
    • Rita Altamore
    • Kristi Eckerson
    • Alean Kirnak
    • Michelle Williamson
    • Edward Helton
    • John Speakman
    • Edward Tripp


  1. Role Call
    • Jim Case declared that quorum had been met for the meeting.
  2. Announcements
    • Nancy Orvis gave brief overview of the activities of ARB.
  3. Approval of the Agenda
    • Agenda was reviewed and approved.
  4. Approval of minutes from Conference call 3/26/2008
    • Motion to approve and 2nd. Approved unanimously.
  5. Decision making practices review.
    • Quorum discussion
      • There has been a challenge to achieve quorum on our conference calls.
      • Do we need to relax the quorum requirements?
      • Desire to keep current quorum requirements
      • Proposal to keep current conference call schedule. 10 am - 12 on the 4th Wednesday of the Month.
      • We will change DMP to allow voting by proxy.
  6. Version 2.x Chapter maintenance
    • Issue 1: Patient Care technical committee has stated that their mission has changed to focus exclusively on version 3 artifacts. They are currently responsible for chapter 12 of version 2.x, but are not actively maintaining it. The current chapter editor listed by HQ is Klaus Veil. The normative (v2.6) has David Rowed listed as editor. Patient Care has requested that version 2.x ballot material no longer be under their stewardship. Where, if at all should the content responsibility be placed?
      • Patient Care Work group will retain stewardship of chapter 12, but will delegate responsibility for maintenance of the chapter to HL7 Australia.
    • Issue 2: Scheduling (Chapter 10) and Materials Management (Chapter 17) were under the stewardship of the Scheduling and Logistics TC. This committee is no longer viable. Where should the content responsibility be placed?
      • These two chapters are maintained by workgroups in another steering division and will need to be take to that SD.
    • Issue 3: Patient Referral (Chapter 11) It is unclear who has primary responsibility for this chapter (joint between Patient Case and CBCC?). HQ has Klaus Veil as chapter editor. Version 2.6 list David Rowed as editor. Who has content responsibility? An ancillary issue is that the CTD segment, defined in this chapter is also used in Chapter 4, Chapter 7, and Chapter 16.
  7. Member Committee Activity Discussion (See attached table)
    • Need updates from the committees on current activities such as ballot presence, where and when minutes are posted, list servers used, etc.
  8. Consent (from January meeting)
    • For the moment the Security WG is taking the lead on this CBCC will communicate with Max to update him on the current Security Consent project.
      • Current approved proposal is that records access consent be under the stewardship of CBCC. This consent is limited to access to records.
      • Question remains as to stewardship of other consent types. Consent type was defined in version 2.x by the Medical Records TC (now defunct); however, the types were defined in a user defined table as a CWE data type, so no formal rigor over consent has ever been defined. Question for discussion is who should own the topic (version 3). Medical records has defined #**4 types of consents in Table 0496:
        • Release of Info/ Disclosure
        • Medical Treatment/ Procedure
        • Acknowledgement/ Notification
        • Administrative
      • Comment from Max Walker:
      • Jim, Something has just come up here and it is almost certain I will not be able to attend the May WGM. There are a number of issues regarding Consent & Privacy and it's activity at HL7. Firstly Community Based Collaborative Care is not broad enough to cover off all the issues. For example what happens around the Operating Theatre? So it would seem more logical that it reside with Security or Patient Admin, or another appropriate activity I would nave thought. I think Security would be quite happy with it. Secondly, the way it is being currently driven is to satisfy the SAMHSA project only. This actually gives it a level of incompleteness and immaturity that makes outcomes potentially quite dangerous if picked up and implemented for another activity. Resolving this situation, I believe, is exceedingly important for many reasons, not the least of which is the threat it places on HL7's credibility. Happy to discuss. Max
  9. Review of dynamic model requirements.
    • The high level requirements for a dynamic framework (i.e., dynamic model).
    • Send to the DE list.
  10. Work Group issue list
    • Sometimes called a SWOT analysis. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for the work group.
  11. Work Group 1-3 year roadmap
    • Rita A. suggested that we just use the Project Insight mange this sort of road map or plan. Some members want a single place to mange this stuff such as project insight.
    • There is ongoing project insight training.
    • Apparently can directly enter new projects via project insight. This seems to be a separate process from submitting new projects via a new project scope statement.
  12. Updates to work group mission an charters. Each work group needs to update the mission and charter to reflect the new organizational structure (i.e. work group instead of TC or SIG.)
  13. Steering Division election (Domain experts representatives term ends December)
    • Nominations open June, 2008
    • Time commitment is 2-4 hours per week for TSC and about 10 hours for conference calls and WGM.
  14. Co-Chair informational meeting and TSC communication
    • Add 15-30 minutes to the start of the TSC plenary for people to gather and get food, and then start the announcements
    • Is the TSC communication been adequate?
    • Still want an open mike session for questions. Perhaps need a follow on TSC Plenary meeting later in the week for co-chairs to provide feed back from SD’s to other SD’s.
  15. New Business
    • Lots of issues with coordinating joint sessions. Really want an online tool to do joint meeting coordination. The shift to SD’s is driving the need to do more joint meetings.

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