20080220 Conference Call Agenda

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Agenda for Domain Experts Steering Division Conference Call Feb 20, 2008 10am ET

  1. Role Call
  2. Announcements
    1. Dissolution of Clinical guidelines, incorporation with Clinical Decision support.
    2. CMET Project Scope Statement approved by foundations and technology SD.

3. Approval of minutes from Working Group Meeting 1/13/2008 4. Action Item Review: a. Verify the DomainExperts list, send a test message to make sure that all recipients have valid email addresses – Complete b. WorkGroup creation and dissolution document review – tracked in TSC issues list. i. Documents forwarded to DESD for comment 5. Scope statement approvals a. CDISC Revised Scope statement – RCRIM, Erik Henrikson b. Medical Product and Device Listing – RCRIM, Ed Tripp c. ICSR R3 – Patient Safety, Lise Stevens