20080113 Working Group Meeting, San Antonio

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Domain Experts Steering Division

Minutes - January 14, 2008

WorkGroup and Attendence

  • Attachments
    • Mike Cassidy
  • Cardiology
    • Brian McCourt
  • Emergency Care SIG
    • Kevin Coonan
  • Government Projects SIG
    • Nancy Orvis
  • Health Care Devices
    • Tood Cooper
  • Cardiology SIG
    • Brian McCourt
  • Laboratory SIG
    • Austin Kreisler
    • Craig Robinson
  • Patient Care TC
    • Susan Matney
    • Larry McKnight
    • William Goosen
  • Patient Safety SIG
    • Lise Stevens
  • Pediatrics Data Standards
  • Pharmacy SIG
    • Tom DeJong
    • Gary Cruickshank
    • Rob Hallowell
  • Public Health Emergency Response (PHER)
    • Michelle Williamson
    • Rita Altamore
    • Kristi Eckerson
  • Regulated Clinical Research Information Management (RCRIM)
    • Randy Levin
    • Ed Tripp


  1. Approval of meeting minutes from 20071130 conference call - For: 11 Against: 0 Abstain:0
  2. Issue of quorum on calls and email votes - Some members of the SD did not receive the call for the email vote. It would assist in communication of the importance of a SD decision to reference in the email subject of the importance of the message. ACTION: To verify the list, send a test message to make sure that all recipients have valid email addresses
    1. revision to decision making processes - consensus was that we should not revise the current processes, just verify that the communication processes are working properly.
    2. additional section in DMP on resolution of failure to meet quorum – it was felt that it is too early in the process to deal with this. If it becomes a continual problem, this will be addressed at a future meeting.
  3. WorkGroup creation and dissolution document review.
    1. Discussion - How were the stakeholders invited to participate? How do groups become stakeholders to make sure that their needs are recognized? ACTION: Bring this issue to the TSC.
    2. Discussion - Will the TSC be able to clarify how to migrate to the new working group structure? When will the process for creating new workgroups be applied to the existing committees and SIGs (or will it). There was extended discussion on the impact of “reorganization” of the working group into workgroups and projects. Currently, there are no policies in place to address the current committees and SIGs. ACTION: Bring this issue to the TSC for discussion.
    3. Review of proposed process for creating and dissolving new workgroups (AKA TCs and SIGs)
      1. New Work Group Approval.doc
      2. New Work Group Template.doc
      3. Work Group Dissolution.doc
      4. Work Group Dissolution Template.doc
      5. Review of these documents indicated that a more thorough review and edit must be performed to make the templates consistent with the supporting documents. ACTION: The documents will be circulated to the DESD for their comments.
  4. Streamlining project proposal process – Mike Cassidy
    1. Will wait to see if we have continued issues with achieving quorum on our calls. Discussion about the process for achieving cross SD approval and review. It is part of the project scope statement that describes the affected committees in other steering divisions. Work groups were encouraged to discuss all cross group projects with affected work groups prior to submitting the project scope statement.
    2. It was mentioned that all work products require a scope statement if they have not had one submitted in the past.
  5. Questions arising from the TSC meeting
    1. No questions
  6. Web Page UAT volunteers - Members were encouraged to contact Ken or Patrick to offer their services.
  7. Steering division appointment to the Project Services Workgroup.
    1. The SD would like to have additional information on the mission and charter. Members were asked to contact Freida Hall if interested in participating.
  8. 2008 Conference Call Schedule
    1. Proposal-Once per month, 4th Wednesday 10am-11:30am ET - approved
  9. New Business
    1. No new business brought forward.